Chrishell Stause speaking about selfcare


Chrishell Stause Opens Up About Self-Care and ‘Selling Sunset’

Plus, the face mask that she recently fell in love with.

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Like you, Chrishell Stause has spent much of the last year enjoying Bridgerton and Postmates. During a recent phone conversation with NYLON, the Selling Sunset star reflected on the challenges and growth she experienced throughout 2020 and beyond. With Selling Sunset officially renewed on Netflix, she’s now looking ahead, preparing for a return to the Hollywood real estate scene.

Although filming on the Netflix series was previously postponed due to COVID-19, Stause has stayed busy, appearing on Dancing with the Stars. Acknowledging that she was lucky to have the chance to dance on the show amidst a global pandemic, she’s now contending with some “first-day jitters,” as filming on Selling Sunset gets underway.

Fans of the popular Netflix series will have to tune in to see what happens next in the high-end Hollywood housing market, but Stause promised that viewers will be happy. Until then, you’ll likely find Stause enjoying a good book — and her favorite face mask.

Below, catch up with the Selling Sunset star about all things self-care.

What’s your relationship with beauty been like in the past year, and has it changed at all?

I was always doing lashes and glam constantly, and I will say that getting ready now, I do it a little differently. I’ve gotten used to the look of my eyes without eyeliner. It definitely came from being stuck in the house over the last year, and I just got used to seeing myself without all that makeup. I liked doing less sometimes.

Are there any particular products that you’ll always reach for?

I definitely don’t always need lipstick or eyeliner, but there are certain mainstays that I don’t go without, like mascara. I normally have either no makeup, or all the way makeup.

Do you remember what your beauty routine was like growing up, as opposed to now?

I went through this phase where I tried to do makeup, and I have very funny photos where I'm like, ‘Oh wow.’ My foundation was very orange. My foundation was either way too white for my face, or way too orange.

Then, I just got to where I didn't wear much makeup until I remember getting a job on All My Children, and I saw how they did it professionally, and then it kind of made sense to me. I was very minimal on makeup before that.

How are you still checking in with yourself and practicing self-care this year?

It's been a rough time, and as far as having done less with hair and less with makeup in certain times, it’s made a lot of us realize that we don’t need to wash our hair every other day. I am excited for the world to be vaccinated... and I was excited about getting back out. I booked an appointment for the spa. I went and got an amazing facial, and it helped me get excited for the world reopening again.

Despite the struggles of the past year, it seemed like you were still doing a lot and having fun. What’s been one personal highlight from the last year?

Dancing with the Stars was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I feel so lucky and grateful that I got to have that experience, and it gave me an outlet of creativity. I am very aware of how lucky I was to be able to do that at that time.

A lot of people spent the pandemic watching Netflix, and Selling Sunset became a favorite for many. What was your Netflix show that you turned to during this time?

There have been so many. In the beginning of the pandemic, we were all on Love is Blind. The last one I was obsessed with Bridgerton. I feel like those two are ones where everybody collectively got online to talk. It was like an international water cooler for those shows.

As far as engaging with fans online, you’re very open about your daily life, and even your support of the #FreeBritney movement. What goes into being on social media for you?

Yes, I’m very much behind the #FreeBritney movement. Of course, social media can be a negative space if you let it, but if you really put your energy and time into connecting with people, it starts to feel like you’re with friends. I really enjoy when people share stuff with me, and relate to me on certain things.

Even though social distancing is becoming a bit less of a norm, what would go into the perfect night in for you, and how do you practice self-care?

It depends — is it a book and facial steamer kind of night, or a Netflix and Postmates night? I really love being at home by myself, and I’ll write, read, or watch TV, and order Postmates. Sometimes I would take a bath, put a mask on my hair and let it sit. I love doing stuff like that.

What was the last beauty product that you tried and you really loved?

Oh, it’s a face mask that I just tried. I really loved it, and I let it sit, and it is just very indulgent. It’s easy to travel with them, and just throw them in my bag.

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