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Ariana Grande Shared Her Quarantine Beauty Routine To The Tune Of “7 Rings”

Her days now include hair masks and lots of hot baths

Social distancing continues, and during this time of staying home and slowing the spread of COVID-19, Ariana Grande is relishing in a quarantine routine that sounds utterly relaxing. On Thursday, April 9, Grande shared what she's been up to every day on Instagram. Encouraging her Instagram followers to read the routine to the tune of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "My Favorite Things," which she also used as the melody for "7 Rings," the pop star turned the act of self care into a bop.

Although Grande has since deleted her original post, she had issued a challenge to followers to share their own quarantine routines. In the process, others used Grande's as a guide and shared screencaps of her original post. As Vogue reports, the "7 Rings" singer keeps a pretty tight schedule, beginning with "Hair masks and hot baths and exfoliation, zoom chats and board games, guided meditations." Her list then continued with a very relatable goal, "learning to beat my own face decently."

She went on to add, "These are some steps of my quaran(rou)tine." Additional steps included checking in with friends and repeating the routine when she started to feel sad. She also wrote that she reached out to friends when she was in need of an emotional boost, too.

After posting the routine, which she captured on her Notes app, Grande challenged others to share their own routine, and many delivered. Tyler Ford based an entire routine around Animal Crossing, while Victoria Monet wrote that she was enjoying a little online shopping.

In addition to perfecting the art of "beating her own face," Grande has been spending this time sharing gorgeous selfies of her natural hair and acting out scenes from Waterboy.

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