Ava Phillippe Successfully Avoided ‘90s Brows With Her Mom’s Help

The face of Wonderbloom shares the best of Reese Witherspoon’s beauty advice.

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Ava Phillippe might get a lot of media attention for resembling her mother, Reese Witherspoon, but she’s always stood out in the public eye in her own right. She’s never shied away from an unexpected hair color (she’s tried orange, hot pink, blue, and purple in just the past few years), nor has she been afraid to wear a bright eyeshadow in a sea of neutrals.

Now, as the new face of Vince Camuto’s Wonderbloom fragrance, she’s leaning even more into the idea of establishing herself as an individual — and not who everyone thinks she may be. “I think I come off very clean and girly ... but I think it's important to represent all different sides.” she says while showing off her eight unique tattoos, which are also featured in the images for the perfume campaign. “It’s important to embrace all sides of a woman, not just the ones you think she should be.”

Ahead, Phillippe talks with NYLON about the hair products that changed her life, working with her “fairy godmother” Pat McGrath, and finally getting into acting.

What is your first beauty memory?

A big part of my childhood was watching my mom get glammed up. I learned from some of the best people in the industry, and they were kind enough to teach me when I became a teenager and started wearing makeup. Learning how they would do [my mom’s makeup] and how I wanted to make it my own was huge for me. I was always kind of lurking in the background, watching what people were doing. I'm a very visual person, too, so beauty comes very naturally to me as an interest.

Do you remember the first thing you were excited about trying or playing with?

It was always heels — that was the first — and then it evolved into “I want to wear a little bit of concealer and mascara. Can I wear eyeliner yet?” My mom had really good boundaries about that growing up, which you resist when you're little, but you don't realize they’re protecting you with those things. She was really good about it — nothing too heavy, and then adding things step by step as I grew older.

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How has your relationship with beauty evolved as you’ve grown up?

My relationship with beauty is ever-changing. It started off by wanting to cover things or change things, and as I've gotten older and more mature, it's been more about highlighting things I like or being creative and playing with new colors and ideas. It's more fun when you make it about something other than hiding. I think the way I present myself outward is a big reflection of what's on the inside, that creative spirit.

Is there any beauty look you've ever tried that you regret?

Well, I will never call my hair journey a regret. I think there are lessons to be learned, though. Especially when you're blonde, if you dye your hair blue, it’s going to go green, eventually. That's a big one. But like I said, no regrets. You have to try things to know what works and what doesn't. And it's hair; it grows back.

It started off by wanting to cover things or change things, and as I've gotten older and more mature, it's been more about highlighting things I like or being creative.

What is your hair care like these days?

I'm no longer in my fun colors era, but I'm very lucky to have gotten it out of my system when I did. Right now, I want to keep it simple and just be my normal blonde, which blonde is never really simple. Tucker Goodwine at Chris McMillan Salon in L.A. has been doing my hair color for a few times now and now I think we're getting into a groove.

Are there any products you’re loving to help take care of your blonde?

When I first heard about the K18 hair mask, I was skeptical — they have all these big claims of what it can do — but it really did repair my hair. Also, I got a shower filter that has changed my life, my skin, and my hair. It's the Jolie Filtered Showerhead.

What is your daily beauty routine like?

I wake up and I need coffee — which I do feel like is part of my beauty routine — it wakes everything up in me. I go outside and get a little touch of sunshine and fresh air with my dog, and then I do my skin care. I always put sunscreen on because I'm fair, and I think everybody needs sunscreen. My go-to everyday sunscreen is the Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen — it doesn't clog my pores and goes nicely under makeup. Then, if I'm just trying to keep it easy breezy — especially if I'm not working out in the morning — I will do a little brow gel, a little mascara, maybe a touch of blush, and a lip if I feel like I need that. My favorite mascara lately has been the Pat McGrath Labs mascara. I love Pat, I think she's such a visionary in the beauty community. I worked with her a couple years back, and I was in love with her before — and I'm in love still. She's the fairy godmother of my makeup and just a pleasure to be around.

For the rest of my routine, I love the Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in the shade Pirate. I don't love a warm red lip, I like a cool tone — I think that works better for me. But that's more for when I am on the go and I need to do something; it's the mascara and the lip, and we can take on the world. And I always finish off with a spritz of fragrance because it really boosts my mood throughout the day.

Do you wear fragrance every day? How do you decide what to wear?

Yes. Everyday fragrance for me is different from what I’d wear if I’m trying to make a statement. I feel like [Vince Camuto] Wonderbloom is really great for that everyday wear. It's not overpowering when I enter a room, but it's that subtle, “Oh, she smells nice. What is that?” reaction. Fragrance carries a lot of feelings and memories, and I think this one carries a lot of joy. I love a good floral. This one kind of fills me with lightness, it’s very feminine and upbeat.

I will never call my hair journey a regret. I think there are lessons to be learned though.

Is there something you've tried from TikTok that you really liked — or really didn’t like?

A big one that we talk about is with the resurgence of ’90s trends is the thin eyebrows. I'm lucky to have a mom who went through those eras and gave me the advice not to over-pluck and to be gentle and careful. The brows you were given usually are the ones you're supposed to have.

Are you working on anything else creatively?

I feel like my early 20s have ushered in this new sense of creativity and new interests. I've gotten into acting — which my whole life I have been asked, “Is it going to happen, is it not?” At first I really thought, no. As a kid I wanted to be my own person — which I am no matter what — but I've really been enjoying exploring that creative side of myself that builds these characters. I was a social sciences major in college. I love the psychology that goes into it.

Do you have a beauty philosophy?

My mom's from the South, and a big Southern saying is, “Pretty is as pretty does.” I think that is so true, and I will never stop saying it. I wholeheartedly believe that you are only as beautiful as you treat people, as you treat yourself, and as you are on the inside.