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Bella Hadid Can’t Stay Away from Fiery Red Hair

The supermodel asks the internet whether she should go red.

There’s no denying that supermodel Bella Hadid can pull off almost any look. Recently she’s experimented several wigs and hair pieces including orange dip-dyed ends, blonde ponytail extensions, and a blonde wig with a blunt-cut fringe. Yesterday, she asked her Instagram followers if she should try an even more daring hairstyle. Wearing a neon red wig with a shaggy fringe, she captioned the post—“Should I? The general consensus in the comments was a resounding yes. “Fifth element tease,” one person commented. “I mean I’m obsessed,” wrote another of Bella’s ultra bright red hair.

Bella has been testing out warmer colors for a while now. Her Pop Magazine color featured an amber wig and her bestie Dua Lipa has been doing the same (going bright red for her Versace campaign). Red hair has also been having a major moment all over the fashion and music worlds. In fact, Christina Aguilera just posted a steamy photo on her Instagram with deep red locks. Just last month, Bella’s sister Gigi Hadid went to the Met Gala with freshly dyed burgundy hair. There must be something in the air. Bella, like many of us might be craving a serious hair color change going into the fall and winter seasons.

We don’t don’t know whether Bella will actually make the permanent plunge, but her love of wigs and hairpieces is clearly growing so we wouldn’t be surprised if the bright red makes another reappearance, at least on the ’gram. For those actually looking to go red, it’s best to consult a hairdresser to help find the best shade for your hair type and color, especially if you want to avoid hair damage. For example, while bleached hair will go red easily, there are ways to turn brunette hair copper without using bleach and still maintain the quality of the hair (although it definitely won’t be as bright as Bella’s last wig).

As we head towards winter, orange and red hair tones aren’t going anywhere. Neither, it seems, are Bella Hadid and her new wigs (a match made in heaven). We may not have convinced her to take the red hair plunge this time around, but there’s no doubt she will surprise us with another bright (albeit temporary) look soon. Oh, to have a flawless facial structure that suits every hair shape and tone.