A black tube of the black Benefit push-up liner next to it's lid


they’re real and they’re spectacular

why benefit’s new eyeliner is a beauty must.

by steff yotka

Everyone from eyeliner experts to newbies will be pumped ot hear about Benefit's latest liner, They're Real Push-Up Liner. The pen-like applicator is filled with a gel liner that pushes up through a soft, pointed tip that allows for ultimate control, meaning your Bardot eyes are going to get that much better.

Our web team tried out the good stuff this week to see if it lives up to the hype--read their reviews below, plus find a little perk for you at the bottom on this post.

WHO: Steff Yotka, Senior Web Editor


REACTION: The tip makes it so easy to use. On my first try I was a little too overzealous and ended up with a think line worthy of my middle school self, but after a little practice I got it to winged perfection. My favorite part is how it dries on your eye and lasts for hours. Seriously, I just dabbed my finger on my eyelid--no smudging whatsoever.  

WHO: Jackie Yaeger, Newsletter Manager and City Editor


REACTION: Go to bed with this eyeliner on, and wake up with it looking exactly the same as it did the night before. It's truly smudge proof. The angled tip makes it easy to create super cool double swoops to amp up your cateye for an awesome party.

WHO: Liz Riccardi, Digital Deisgn Director


REACTION: I liked how flexible the tip was--my lash line is kind of weird and I sometimes have trouble lining it smoothly.  Once I got the hang of controlling the "flow" I really liked the consistency, very creamy and opaque. 

Now something for you! Even though the liners don't officially come out until June 27 you can get one NOW here. Thank us later.