Here’s What’s In Bésame Cosmetics’ Snow White Collection

It’s all very dreamy

If there’s one thing millennial beauty buyers appreciate, it’s a good collaboration. Bonus points if the collection taps into childhood nostalgia.

Storybook Cosmetics—that’s conceptualized everything from a Mean Girls Burn Book palette to Harry Potter wand-inspired makeup brushes—is really good at this. And cruelty-free brand Bésame Cosmetics is gaining traction on them.

Announced a couple of days ago, the company is joining forces with Disney to create a Snow White The 1937 collection. According to an Instagram post from an attendee at Disney’s D23 Expo, it will consist of “eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, cream rouges, powder and lip balms.” Judging from the image, it also looks like a handheld mirror, which you can likely use to inquire who the fairest of them all is, will also be included.

According to Bésame’s website, the color options offered are inspired by the original artwork and color palette of the film. “Through extensive and careful research, we have painstakingly hand selected and matched the colors from the original color palette provided by Disney's Ink and Paint Department to bring you a beautiful and authentic recreation of the colors from the classic 1937 film,” the website reads. “Experience the truly timeless and stunning beauty of the original animation in a brand new way.”

The Snow White 1937 Collection will hit shelves this fall (September, if the expo attendee is to be believed). Sign up on the company’s website to be the first to know about the launch. Heigh-ho, it’s back to work we go if we want to be able to afford these goodies.