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The Best At-Home Nail Products For A Pro-Level Mani

Our favorite nail care picks are a perfect 10.

Written by NYLON Editors

It’s always more than “pick a color” when it comes to getting a manicure. Long or short? Squared, rounded, or squoval? Polish, press-ons, extensions, or gel? The options to achieve the at-home mani of your dreams are endless . And unlike trying a Pam Anderson-inspired updo or soft-goth makeup look, a manicure can involve weeks of commitment on a color or design — which makes the stakes (and the emotional investment) that much higher.

Luckily, the NYLON team is made up of all types of mani-obsessives — from the completely nail-tech loyal to the at-home DIY proficient — so together we’ve conducted uncountable hours of personal research on how to keep any kind of mani healthy, long-lasting, and on-trend. So, for the 2023 Beauty Hit List, we’ve rounded up the most interesting press-ons, the dreamiest nail polishes, and the chicest nail care that will keep your manicures totally #nailfie ready at all times.

The Bespoke Press-Ons

The Best Nail Art Press-Ons

The Fastest 3D Pearl Mani

The Most Exciting Nail Polish Colors

2023’s Biggest Nail Color Trend

The Bulletproof Topcoat

The Must-Have For Gel Manicures

The Natural Nail Rescue

The Chicest Hand Sanitizer

The Cuticle Saver

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