Faux Freckles Are 2023's Ultimate It Girl Accessory

From "strawberry freckles" to back-to-school freckles, the faux freckle trend keeps on giving.

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There’s no denying that the beauty world online loves to experiment with faux freckles. From freckle makeup having a huge moment in 2020 to a rising number of freckle tattoos in 2021 and, more recently, viral henna freckles and freckle contoring, it seems every creator has a different technique of creating the perfect, natural-looking faux freckles and (even three years later) the trend is refusing to give up steam. With Olivia Rodrigo admitting that she draws on faux freckles to look “sunkissed”, more celebrities are now admitting to adding freckles to their everyday makeup routine.

The latest freckle tutorial that’s caused a wave comes from Hailey Bieber, who posted a video on how to do “everyday strawberry makeup” on her TikTok earlier this month. Aside from using the new Rhode product—a new flavor of Peptide Lip Treatment, Strawberry Glaze, inspired by Krispy Kreme’s iconic Strawberry Glaze doughnut—fans were taking note of Hailey’s faux freckle artistry.

After brushing up her brows, using cream bronzer, adding small dots of concealer, adding two cream blushes to her cheeks (hinting at an upcoming Rhode makeup drop), finishing with highlighter, and bronzing her eyelids, Hailey used the Utan freckle pen to add small freckles across her nose. The brand previously went viral online for the natural-looking freckles that develop to suit each individual skin tone. She finished with winged liquid liner, mascara, and lip liner with Rhode’s Peptide Lip Treatment.

Before sharing her faux-freckle secrets in the TikTok video, Hailey had been posting more freckled selfies on her Instagram and declared it “strawberry girl summer”. With creators now attempting their own strawberry faux-freckle-inspired looks and others posting their “first day of school freckles”, it’s clear faux freckles are the tried and true it-girl-accessory that comes back every year with a new name. Of course, for those who naturally have freckles, the “trend” will be lifelong.