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The Best Tinted Lip Balms With SPF To Buy This Summer

Stash one in your bag this festival season.

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Those that suffer from chapped lips know better than to leave the house without lip balm in their bag, especially during extreme weather. As we head into warmer, brighter months, you’ll want to double-check your favorite lip balm has SPF protection. Just as we all should slather our faces with sunscreen daily to prevent sunburn, skin damage, and future wrinkles, our lips require the same treatment— they’re just as chronically exposed as our faces, after all. On top of the risk of skin cancer, sun exposure on the lips over time can destroy collagen, leading to more fine lines and thinner lips.

While lip balm with SPF is a must for spring and summer, it doesn’t mean you have to completely lose out on the fun of color and shine on its behalf—that’s where tinted lip balms come in. With tinted lip balm you don’t have to compromise between practical sun protection and mastering the perfectly subtle no-makeup makeup look. (Think TikTok’s “clean girl” makeup trend).

A low-maintenance option for the upcoming warmer weather and festival season, tinted lip balm with SPF is surely a must for every purse or makeup bag. Thankfully, there are a number of options in a variety of fun shades, giving you the perfectly enhanced pout with broad-spectrum protection.

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