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Bretman Rock Says Influencers Aren’t Using Their Voices Enough To Address Police Brutality

“You’re worried about f*cking money?!”

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As protests in response to the death of George Floyd as a result of police brutality continue in Minneapolis, Bretman Rock questioned his fellow influencers choosing not to publicly support the Black Lives Matter movement. On Thursday, May 28 evening, the YouTuber posted a series of Instagram Stories, saying, "I want more people to listen. I want more people to be aware of what's really going on in the political climate."

He followed up his comments with a question for fellow influencers, noting their silence. "As an influencer, I do feel the need to say this," he said. "Some people have been too quiet lately, and not using their voice. Yes, retweeting things is cute and all, but, that is not using your voice."

Rock continued, telling influencers that people need to hear from them regarding police brutality. "The excuses that I have been seeing is lame," he said. The makeup artist called out those that fear losing money as a result of speaking out, and noted that he wasn't aware of any brand that would pull the plug for speaking out.

He closed the video by saying that he wasn't speaking in anger, but rather from the heart. "People are not talking about it for their own self benefit," he said. "That is not an influencer to me." After taking a brief pause, he returned, saying, "In true Bretman Rock fashion, all I'm saying is, use your platform bitch."

Rock's video and stories in support Black Lives Matter, a global movement founded in 2013 to speak out against white supremacy, police brutality, and unjust violence inflicted against the lives of Black people by those in positions of power, come following the death of Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police department. The violent encounter, which was captured on camera, has sparked nationwide protest and social media support for Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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