Bretman Rock Shares His Foolproof Tips For Looking Cute On A Zoom Date

Good light and face powder are key.

From finally introducing his mysterious boyfriend on his YouTube channel to bleaching his hair and subsequently moving through a rainbow of hair dye options, it's safe to say that Bretman Rock has had a more entertaining quarantine than most. Thankfully though, he has some tips on how fans can make some excitement of their own, sharing a foolproof guide to mastering the notorious Zoom date — and how preparing your makeup for it is now easier than ever.

To celebrate the launch of Sephora's partnership with Klarna, the app that offers online shoppers the option to pay in four equal payments with no interest for financial flexibility, Rock laid down his four non negotiables when it comes to looking cute online, especially if it's for a virtual date, in an exclusive video.

"Just because we're all stuck at home, that does not stop us from finding love. And as for me, I already found love, so I feel like I would be the best person to give you guys advice on how to look cute while online dating," Rock begins. His first tip? Make sure your lighting and background are on point, as both can take away from your whole vibe, and according to Rock, "say a lot about you."

For tip number two, he suggests having face powder or any loose translucent powder on deck. "Sometimes I be getting oily, and the oiliness brings out the texture in my skin. You do not want to look oily unless that is the look you are going for" he adds. "By any means, to each their own." He goes on to suggest the Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Baking & Setting Powder, which comes in eight nuanced shades that promise to hold makeup in place all day long. Rock stands by any use of blush for step three, suggesting the Anastasia Blush Trio to emphasize your own natural blush from just how into your date you are (or want to seem to be).

Rock's last tip has less to do with the vibe or makeup and more to do with making sure you actually like said date. "Set your standards and have your questions ready," he says.There's nothing more attractive than a woman that knows what she wants, and if you do exude that energy, then homegirl, he will know you are always in control."

See the full video below, and check out Klarna's easy installment payment option now available at checkout on, here.