A collection of square packages from the BTS x Inkbox temporary tattoo collection
(CNW Group/Inkbox Ink Incorporated)


This BTS Temporary Tattoo Collection Was Made For ARMY

Everything you need to know about the Inkbox release.

There’s now a new way of showing off your love for BTS. Already starring in merchandise items that span just about every category imaginable, the boys of BTS are getting a new temporary tattoo collection.

Hypebae shared the exciting news of the upcoming collaboration between BTS and Inkbox. Officially debuting online on April 14, the collection will feature 11 BTS-inspired designs. Retailing in price from $16 to $30, featured designs include a silhouette image of all seven members, as well as the word “Dynamite.”

According to Hypebae, each member of BTS will also be represented by artwork of personal significance. There’s no word yet on which artwork corresponds with each member, but shooting stars and flowers are among the images included. Rolling Stone also notes that the chosen ink is based off the “Dynamite” video.

For those new to the Inkbox brand, the temporary tattoo creators are responsible for a collection of artwork that fades with time. Generally lasting anywhere from one to two weeks, the ink fades as your skin naturally regenerates. However, longevity can be impacted by the placement of your tattoo and your individual skin chemistry.

You have some time to decide where you’ll wear apply your 11 BTS tattoos, but in the meantime, head to the Inkbox website and add the countdown collection clock to your favorites.

(CNW Group/Inkbox Ink Incorporated)
(CNW Group/Inkbox Ink Incorporated)