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Cardi B Revealed A Huge New Back Tattoo On Instagram

The ink is still a work in progress.

There's a new and very large addition to Cardi B's ever-growing list of tattoos. On May 19, the artist gave Instagram followers a sneak peek at her new butterfly tattoo, and while it's not exactly clear when the ink was completed, but the rapper did reveal that she's planning to add even more to the already large piece of artwork.

Tagging tattoo artist Jamie Schene on her Story post, Cardi B snapped a picture of the butterfly on her back. The artwork shows a monarch resting on flowers, and the work covers much of her back. In the accompanying caption, she shared that "2 more sessions" remain until the work is fully completed.

With parts of the United States beginning to reopen, it's unclear whether Cardi B had the work done prior to social distancing restrictions, but tattoos are clearly on her mind. That same Tuesday, she asked Twitter followers for their ink advice, writing, "I need to do a cover up on a couple tattoos ...What shall I replace them with ?"

Outside of a major tattoo unveiling, Cardi B has spent the last few months sharing her changes in beauty routine with Instagram followers. She shared an all-pink look that featured hair twisted in a bow, and she also debuted blue hair during a casual chat with Senator Bernie Sanders that spanned politics, coronavirus, and quarantine nails.

Fans will have to wait and see how Cardi B's butterfly tattoo ends up turning out, but this likely isn't the last time she'll share new artwork with the gram. As Refinery29 reports, the performer is quite a fan of ink, already donning tattoos that include a peacock, roses, and a red star.

Check out the butterfly ink, below.

Courtesy of Cardi B's Instagram