Photo by Leon Bennett/FilmMagic


Cardi B’s Latest Beauty Look Featured A Louis Vuitton-Imprinted Ponytail

She wore the brand from hair to toe.

At this point in her beauty evolution, Cardi B seems to have truly tried it all. After previously donning hair in shades of silver, rainbow, and even mint green, the performer found a way to use her hair as a means of shouting out the brands she loves. On Monday, July 27, Cardi B matched her Louis Vuitton outfit to her hair, wearing extensions that featured the brand's signature logo.

For an outfit, that included turning a Louis Vuitton skirt into a top, Cardi B also incorporated her hair into the ensemble. Posing in the dark brown outfit, which also included a jumbo, circular shaped bag, she showed off new blonde hair.

The ponytail, which hit below her waist, is another in a series of recent hairstyle changes from the star. And while Cardi B is no stranger to hair changes, this particular hairstyle proved noteworthy. Turning her head to the camera, she showed the Louis Vuitton-imprints that covered her hair.

To create the look, Cardi B relied on a shade of dark brown for the logo and accompanying design. Beginning at the crown of her ponytail, the imprints extended all the way down her hair, and faded out in color near the ends of her hair.

Cardi B chose to keep her manicure free of Louis Vuitton love, and instead wore green nails that sparkled. She paired the neutral-colored outfit with pink lipstick, gold jewelry, and large, oversized hoop earrings. "I’m on my way ...thanks @sirbabajagne skirt into a shirt," she wrote.