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Cardi B Turned Mayonnaise and Avocado Into A Hair Mask On Instagram

The results were extremely convincing.

The beauty hits from Cardi B just keep coming. After matching her manicure to a bow-shaped wig and discussing quarantine nails with Senator Bernie Sanders, Cardi B revealed her recipe for creating a seriously hydrating DIY hair mask — and lucky for you, most of the ingredients are probably already in the kitchen.

Taking to her Instagram Story, the rapper shared her creation process, adding that along with using the product on her own hair, she uses it for her daughter Kulture's hair, too. To make the mask, Cardi begins with a base of avocado, and later adds a "big, chunky" dollop of mayonnaise. She follows it up with a small bit of honey, noting that the amount was reduced as she was using it on Kulture and wanted to be careful.

After adding the sweet stuff, she artfully manages to crack an egg with her long nails, and then adds "a lot" of Black Castor Oil. From there, she prepares to blend the ingredients all together, noting that a blender is important to really grind down the avocado, because "it's really hard to get avocado chunks out of your hair." In a last minute decision, she adds a banana to the mix, saying, "Why not?! A banana is really good for the hair." Before blending "all the good sh*t for the hair" together, Cardi cracks one last egg.

She later shares how Kulture's hair looks post-mask, pointing out how it improves the curl pattern. Then applying the mask to her own hair, Cardi shares the before and after, demonstrating how the mask added moisture and shine. "Without no filter," she made sure to mention. She also shared an additional photo on her hair on Instagram, writing, "The end results of all that sh*t I put on my hair earlier."

See the process and post-mask hair for yourself, below.

Cardi B Instagram Story
Cardi B Instagram Story
Cardi B Instagram Story