How Your Favorite Celebrities Got Ready For The Met Gala

Sometimes it’s about the party *before* the party.

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Sometimes the best part of the night is when you’re getting ready for the night. Start a party playlist, watch yourself transform via the magic of skincare, makeup, and hair, and it’s hard not to get pumped up. Well, stars– They’re just like us! They too, enjoy the art of getting ready. Although in celebrity world, the pre-event glam is a far more extensive and intense process and it often involves three–or more– key artists. An unexpected consequence of the drawn-out party prep is that a new genre of event Instagram posts have emerged: The behind the scenes “getting ready” post. For the 2021 Met Gala, the pre-party content did not disappoint.

Aside from the celebrities’ personal Instagrams, hairstylists’, makeup artists’, and manicurists’ accounts are the treasure troves of the best celebrity behind the scenes content. That’s where you can see the most up close and personal looks at the elaborate hair dos, makeup details, or fine point nail art, that are often too hard to see from across the red carpet.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite hair, makeup, and nail images from before the 2021 Met Gala.

Pete Davidson

You can tell Pete Davidson takes self care very seriously, wearing his Staycoolnyc throw back tee shirt and indulging in a sheet mask (among other things).

Kim Kardashian

Although her Met Gala look covered her entire face in opaque black fabric, Kim still got a full face beat by Mario Dedivanovic and wore an over-six-fit-long ponytail devised by Chris Appleton.

Yara Shahidi

Even mid-way through the hair and makeup process, Yara looks stunning.

Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain took time to vlog during her session with makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan and hairstylist Laura Polko.

Lourdes Leon

Lourdes’ Swarovski crystal-laden manicure is even more blinding up close.

Regina King

We can really appreciate Regina King’s red, white, and blue, details in her pre-party photos.

Margaret Qualley

Secrets are revealed. Margaret Qualley’s rosy cheeks came courtesy of a hot pink Chanel blush.

Barbie Ferreria

Barbie Ferreira’s pearly 3D manicure by Natalie Minerva definitely deserves its own moment on the grid.

Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o and her longtime makeup artist Nick Barose wore matching denim for the party before the party.

Paloma Elsesser

The 1920s-inspired finger waves, straight brows, and lined lips can really be appreciated from a mega close up.

Storm Reid

Storm Reid documented her day-of-event hair transformation to the soft, blonde pixie cut she had on the red carpet.

Dixie D’Amelio

Sometimes it takes a little manual fanning to get the wind-blown look for the ’gram.


Grimes’ sword, pink ponytail, and metal face mask might have taken some attention away from her makeup, but the pearls, rhinestones, and swooping winged liner was an equally dramatic part of her overall look.

Rita Ora

Did you notice Rita Ora had “RITA” written on her nails?

Whitney Peak

Upon closer inspection, Whitney Peak’s neon green eyeliner is actually a 3D, dotted masterpiece. Watch out for this new trend.

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo’s entire glam team took a group mirror selfie before sending the star out on the carpet.

Naomi Osaka

Met Gala host, Naomi Osaka had one of the most involved hair and makeup looks of the night.

Diane Kruger

The flash of color on Diane Kruger’s lids is worth a double take.

Hunter Schafer

Hairstylist Lacy Redway finished smoothing Hunter Schafer’s hair before makeup artist Sandy Ganzer affixed the final spooky accessories.

Megan Thee Stallion

This may be the post-Met Gala pre-after party prep, but still, it looks like so much fun to get ready with Meg.

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