Couples Nail Art Ideas To Take Your Love Manicure Official

Megan Fox and MGK approved.

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This year couples manicures have really taken off. While MGK and Megan Fox spearheaded the trend with coordinated nail art (and eventually upping the ante with a conjoined chain manicure) other celebrities have also followed suit. We love Kim Kardashian’s “P” nail art even inspiring a new TikTok trend: the roster manicure. With more celebrity couples making things “manicure official,” we will no doubt see more and more relationship nail art being worn and created.

Tap through for some ideas on how to jump on the couple's nail art trend.

Gothic Letters

Take a page from Kourtney Kardashian’s book and get some valentine’s-themed red nails with gothic lettering in the initials of your partner.

His and Hers Initials

Why not take gothic lettering nail art to the next level and get matching initials with your partner on your thumbs?

Color Coordination

While Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid may no longer be dating, their matching nails from 2019 will forever be couples nail art inspiration. Opting for the same colors will give you and your partner a cohesively coordinated look.

Rhinestone Dedication

While Kim Kardashian never explicitly confirmed this crystal-encrusted manicure was for ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson, it’s easy to read between the lines. We love this subtle yet sparkly nod to their relationship.

Couples Chrome

We love MGK and Megan Fox’s chrome engagement nails, with Megan opting for a french tip and MGK going for a shorter, full-color look.

Twin Flames

If you’re a fan of a statement nail, you and your partner can always opt for the same accent design, like these matching flame manicures.

Engagement Nails

Earlier this year J.Lo showed off her engagement nails (featuring fiancé Ben Affleck). “If you know… then you know 🏹 Jen and Ben forever #couplesgoals for the boss,” wrote nail artist Tom Bachik in the caption.

Conjoined Manicure

For matching manicure experts, the ultimate co-dependent couples look one that literally links you two together. MGK and Megan Fox went for this conjoined manicure earlier this year at the launch party for MGK’s nail polish line UN/DN LAQR

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