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Crown Affair Gave Dry Shampoo A Luxe Makeover

And here’s why you should try it.

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Since its inception, Crown Affair has sought to change the perception of our daily haircare routines. Encouraging consumers to make the act of caring for their hair a ritual, the brand is following up its previously released set of essentials with a dry shampoo that’s sure to become a staple item.

Retailing for $36, Crown Affair’s The Dry Shampoo is intended to be viewed as a reimagination of the dry shampoo process. Traditionally thought of as a rather quick, on-the-go product, Crown Affair’s iteration was made to be used in a thoughtful, slowed down manner. Whether you choose to take some time and get to know this dry shampoo, or you still prefer a fast process, here’s all you need to know about the Dry Shampoo launch from Crown Affair.

What It Is:

A powdered dry shampoo, Crown Affair’s take on a haircare staple was formulated with ingredients that will reduce hair oil and leave your strands looking fresh. Along with Japanese persimmons, which were included specifically to freshen up your scalp, the dry shampoo features tapioca starch for oil absorption, as well as tsubaki seed oil for hair nourishment.

Everything is packaged neatly into a round circular case, and an accompanying brush is intended to help you apply product directly to the roots. Once applied, you can use your fingers to disperse the dry shampoo throughout the hair.

Who It’s For:

Dry shampoo is a staple in any beauty cabinet. For those moments when you’ve forgotten to wash your hair, or you just don’t feel like washing, dry shampoo is there. As for this version from Crown Affair, it makes the whole process seem luxe. It’s certainly a different application experience than spray-on dry shampoo, and if you always wished to have more control over your application, this could be suited for your needs.

Final Verdict:

This product will cost you a bit more than your ordinary dry shampoo, but for those who wish to turn their beauty routine into a ritual, it’s worth it. I have struggled with feeling as though my hair didn’t look limp or unwashed after using dry shampoo, but this version from Crown Affair made good on its promise, leaving me with strands that looked fresh from the shower, even when I had secretly been watching Survivor all day. Additionally, the shampoo also comes with a hint of fragrance, which is especially soothing when applying to hair that might be a few days post-wash.

I found that the product was easy to apply and run throughout the hair, and for those that are looking to make a dry shampoo splurge, this is one to check out.

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