Courtesy of Dyson


Dyson’s Futuristic New Hair Dryer Includes A Diffuser You’ll Actually Use

The Nural Supersonic arrives in May.

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The original Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer came out in 2016 and revolutionized the hair care market as the fastest, quietest, smartest, and, arguably, most stylishly designed hair dryer out there. As a beauty editor, I’ve been happily using the same one ever since — and it’s still performing just as well, even after much use (and being dropped many, many times).

But of course Dyson isn’t content to let a good invention stand without improvement. On April 24, I previewed the new, most advanced version of the brand’s hair dryer yet, called the Nural Supersonic, which will be available to purchase in May.

With some clever and useful improvements that make me want to upgrade from my old reliable, the Supersonic Nural gets its name from sensors that activate several features, including scalp protect mode, pause detect, and attachment learning. The first senses how close the dryer is to your head via invisible infrared beam and adapts the air temperature to keep the effective heat on your head and scalp even as you move the dryer closer and further away. The pause detect capability, meanwhile, automatically deactivates the heat and decreases airflow and noise when you’re between styling passes. And for every attachment, the dryer also remembers your last used heat setting and adjusts accordingly as you change up the pieces.

But as a person who’s still learning how to properly diffuse to coax some texture out of my unpredictable wavy hair, I’m particularly excited about the Wave+Curl diffuser. It’s a two-piece attachment that can be used as a typical diffuser for defined, voluminous curls or act as a diffusing bowl that cups hair with downwards airflow for elongated waves and less frizz. Faster, easier at-home styling with less heat on your scalp — absolutely genius.

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