7 Ear Piercing Trends That Will Dominate 2023

According to piercers from Studs, the authority on "earscaping".

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Studs cofounder Anna Harman ventured into the world of multiple piercings back in 2018. Discovering a gap in the market for a piercing experience designed with today’s consumers in mind, she teamed up with Lisa Bubbers to launch Studs in 2019. Since then, the Studs approach to “earscaping” has taken off with celebrity Emma Chamberlain, Dixie D’Amelio, Kaia Gerber, Selena Gomez, and Rosalía (to name a few). With 16 studios nationwide (and a new one coming later this month), Studs Studio has a number of piercing experts who offer personalized sessions to find the array of piercings and jewelry that works for you.

When it comes to piercings, it’s clear Studs has built a cult following off of the understanding that piercings are all about personalization. For those looking to venture into the world of “earscaping” for the new year, they’ve also put together a new annual Piercing Trend Report detailing the coolest piercing placements and piercing jewelry for 2023.

Below is some major earspiration. Studs expert piercers tell us their picks for the hottest ear piercing trends of this year and why.

Contra Conch

Amy, Studs Hudson Yards

“It’s my favorite piercing because it’s not that common like the flat [helix] and the conch. It’s very centered and it’s a piercing that most people have the anatomy for, it would just be placed slightly different each time [depending on their anatomy] and that’s the beauty of it,” Amy, Studs Hudson Yards.

Stacked Lobe

Amy, Studs Hudson Yards

“I love a stacked lobe because there are so many different types of lobes and it looks so different on everyone. It’s a good way to style your ear in a different way especially if you are not ready for cartilage piercings yet. Whenever I have clients come in for a 3rd hole and they hardly have space I suggest a stacked lobe to give more free range of jewelry and they are always happy with that suggestion,” Amy, Studs Hudson Yards.

Studs Snakebite®

Nahjah, Studs Back Bay

“Studs created the Studs Snakebite® midis and they’ve become a staple. In 2023, I think there’s going to be a trend and interest in maximalism. I’ve seen a lot more content in the fashion world play with the idea of ‘more’. The Studs Snakebite® doesn’t even have to be over the top and I personally think it isn’t! And with our piercing service allowing up to two piercings, this has helped reinforce the thought of doubling up on a piercing. People who typically would’ve gotten a single conch piercing will suddenly decide, ‘why not get two?’. I also see double piercings like double nostrils (same side and mirroring sides), double brow, and trends like lip snakebites/angel-bites trending and resurfacing,” Nahjah, Studs Back Bay.

Faux Rook

Mazzy, Studs King Street

“The faux rook is a fun alternative to the commitment of a rook [typically pierced] with a curved barbell. Many of our customers don't feel that they fit the vibe of a curved barbell, whereas choosing a faux rook allows for more jewelry options,” Mazzy, Studs King Street.

Flat Helix

Mazzy, Studs King Street

“It’s not a piercing you see around too much on the street, and with the unique looks you can create by adding different studs/chains [when fully healed], it’s easy to keep it feeling fresh after it’s been pierced for a while,” Mazzy, Studs King Street.


Jacqueline, Studs Rice Village

“As the piercing becomes more popular, clients will start to see it is more protected (being inside the ear) and they only have to worry about the back as it heals [since it’s less likely to get snagged],” Jacqueline, Studs Rice Village.


Jo, Studs Rice Village

“It’s a nice easy addition to add balance to the ear. Especially for people who would like a dainty look. Because we also have such a large selection of piercing jewelry compared to traditional shops, it opens a whole range of cool jewelry in that spot that’s personalized for the client versus a traditional CZ stud,” Jo, Studs Rice Village.

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