5 Festive Halloween Makeup Ideas To Try If You Don’t Feel Like Dressing Up

With only what you've already got in your makeup bag.

Halloween is quickly approaching, which means if you don’t have a costume yet, you may have limited options as we run up on the 31st. You could resort to the classic sheet-over-your-head ghost costume or cat ears headband or you could reach in your makeup bag and get creative. With little more than eyeliner and eyeshadow you can make something festive, fun, and Halloween-themed, but that’s not exactly a full get-up. If Halloween is not really your thing, but you still want to participate a festive makeup look can go a long way towards getting you in the holiday spirit.

Opting for makeup as a costume may seem lazy, but the results can be just as impressive and an outfit with far less forethought. This is where tutorials on TikTok and YouTube come in. While there’s an array of intensive Halloween makeup ideas across the internet, there’s also a bunch of makeup creators putting together more simple looks using products you probably already have.

From spider eyes to fake blood, here are the easy Halloween makeup ideas that will be getting us through the Halloweekend.

Eerie Eyeliner

These eyeliner looks all have a twist, but aren’t too out there. Clown eyeliner is simple to execute, but extremely effective at adding a spooky spin to your makeup. For a bolder look, opt for spider eyeliner or even sleepy, veiny zombie eyes (using purple eyeshadow). With a crisp eyeliner pencil, the options are endless.

Get Ghosted

These ghosts look cute and friendly, so this isn’t exactly spooky, but painting ghosts on your face is a sure-fire way to look like you’re participating in the festivities. What’s more Halloween-themed than a ghost, after all?

Clown Around

Using sequins (which might be the one thing you have to purchase), this clown look becomes incredibly understated. No need to paint your face white or wear a wig, with this makeup look being a clown can actually look chic.

Just A Little Blood

Perhaps the easiest Halloween accessory of all is fake blood, but instead of splashing it all over your face, be more strategic and treat it like liquid eyeliner. This could even be fake crease cuts over your eyelids or even writing “help me” with a tiny handprint, if you’re more skilled.

Lovely Bones

While most of us won’t have the henna skills to pull this off, this beautiful skull design deserves an honorable mention. You can also create your own version with face paint, glitter, and sequins. You don’t even have to makeup your whole face if you don’t want to go all out.