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This Twitch User Wants To Combine Makeup With Gaming

And she's teaming up with e.l.f. Cosmetics to do it.

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After taking over TikTok with countless viral challenges, e.l.f. Cosmetics is headed to Twitch. The beauty brand is teaming up with Twitch user Loserfruit (Kathleen Belsten) to bring the world of beauty and skincare to the popular streaming platform.

Kicking off their collaboration with a YouTube video that had Belsten using beauty products to become her Fortnite skin, the pair are expected to join forces on content that will appeal to newbies and veterans from both the gaming and beauty communities.

Speaking with NYLON, Belsten explained that she likes to use her Twitch channel as a means of helping others, saying: "My goal right now is to create a fun, entertaining experience that gamers can rely on and visit often. A lot of people need that distraction, that consistency, and/or that virtual place where they can go even if it’s just playing in the background, and I hope my platform can provide that."

Gaining viral popularity through her Fornite streams, Loserfruit has a tremendous Twitch following, and she'll be working with e.l.f. to unveil e.l.f. University in 2021. The beauty brand hasn't revealed the complete details of its university initiative, but it will be a way of empowering and educating others on beauty and skincare.

For now, Belsten is particularly excited about harnessing Twitch's real-time streaming and communication capabilities to spotlight makeup, skincare, and more. "Gaming appeals to everyone — I have been inspired by the number of female gamers who have joined my makeup livestream with e.l.f. Cosmetics. It shows how powerful Twitch is in allowing us to connect on shared interests beyond gaming — such as beauty trends," she said.

When it came to collaborating with e.l.f., she felt that the brand was a natural fit for the message and personality of her channel. "Vegan and cruelty-free was always a must, and on top of that, e.l.f. is committed to uplifting and empowering rising talent. I also love that e.l.f. provides affordable, quality cosmetics and skincare which is important to my fans. Together we have been able to create amazing real, authentic content," she said.

Viewers will have to stay tuned to see what more the gamer and e.l.f. end up creating together, but based on the initial reaction to her initial YouTube video, it's clear that many are ready for the worlds of makeup and gaming to collide. Plus, as recent games like Animal Crossing and Sims 4 have demonstrated, there's certainly space for both.

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