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Emma Chamberlain Is Cool With You Looking At Her Hair-Inspiration Pinterest Boards — EXCLUSIVE

And why the Lancôme spokesperson stopped using concealer on her under-eyes.

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For Emma Chamberlain, makeup is less about looking better and more about a total transformation into an off-kilter Victorian lady — or an ultrablonde ABBA star. Now, the internet personality and Lancôme global ambassador stars in an imaginative new campaign that reflects her approach to fanciful glam. “I love playing with makeup and having fun with it, so I was stoked about this campaign because that was the whole point of it,” Chamberlain says of the visuals, in which she cycles through playful looks from ’60s powder blue eyeshadow to gothic red eyeliner look. “I love the messiness of the glam process, and that was also really emphasized.”

Below, Chamberlain talks exclusively with NYLON about embracing intentionally less flattering beauty looks, never learning how to do internet-y block brows, and giving up on concealing her under-eye circles.

What’s your first beauty memory?

Around fifth grade, I started doing competitive cheerleading, and I believe that was my first exposure to real hair and makeup. We did bright blue eyeshadow, bright pink lips, and super-hair-sprayed, tight ponytails, the whole nine yards. It felt like an 11-year-old's cheat code to getting to wear makeup younger. My mom used to do it for me, but then eventually I graduated to doing it myself, and I feel like that's how I learned how to do hair and makeup.

How do you feel like your relationship with beauty has evolved as you've grown up?

The older I've gotten, the more I've been figuring out ways to experiment in a way that feels artistic. Growing up, makeup was more about enhancing my natural features — which I still think is a great use for it. However, the older I've gotten, I've been more interested in using makeup as an accessory, especially when it comes to going to fashion shows or red carpets. I work very intimately with my makeup artists who create these looks that really feel like they are part of the outfit. A good example of that would be when I went to the Vivienne Westwood show and did a full Victorian, sort of gothic look. That was one of my favorite looks I've ever done because it just made me feel transformed.

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Do you wear makeup day to day, or only when you’re doing something in the public eye?

For the most part, the editorial, intricate looks are reserved for ... fashion shows and events, editorial shoots, whatever it may be. When I'm living my day-to-day life, I like not wearing a lot of makeup just because it's a bit more comfortable on the face. I will overthink what I look like if I am wearing uncomfortable clothes or a lot of makeup. It kind of gets in the way of me being present in the moment.

What is your daily beauty routine?

Right now, it's gentle cleanser and then lots of moisturizing products like Lancôme Génifique Advanced Serum. I also play around with oils sometimes if my skin's really dry. I've been loving that underneath my foundation. And then I go in with a hydrating concealer, too. Lancôme’s Teint Idole Serum Concealer is phenomenal. Sometimes it’s just that and a bit of bronzer on the cheeks and the eyelids. I'll put on lip liner even when I'm not wearing any other makeup — I adore lip liner. I use a color that's like a shade or two darker than my natural lips and a bit more brown. I really like brown mascara right now because it's a bit milder than black, so I use the Lancôme Défincils in a dark, dark brown.

Was the brown mascara a tip someone gave you or did you think of that on your own?

My eyes are blue and my hair is — my roots anyway — are kind of a dark, ashy brown. Now that my hair is brown again, black mascara doesn't always feel right with a natural look. I don't necessarily need my eyelashes to be super dramatic and defined. Also, my mom always used brown mascara when I was growing up, and I was always like, “Why? You can't even see it.” Then I grew up, and it’s like, “Wait, mama always knows.” Now I like to look natural. I don't cover my dark circles anymore — I only use concealer to cover blemishes or even out my complexion on the cheeks.

When did you stop using concealer on your under-eyes?

I hated my dark circles for a long time. Everyone was always like, “Why do you look so tired all the time?” Actually, I was kind of tired back then, but I didn't know any better. Now, I sleep better and I realized, “Oh sh*t, they didn't go away.” But I've grown to like them. Through seeing other people who also have dark circles, I think it adds such beautiful dimension to the face. The older you get, the less you're obsessed with this perfect idea of beauty. You start to broaden your idea of what’s beautiful, and it makes you start to see beauty in things you didn’t before, which is very magical. So I started not liking the way I looked when I covered them — it just doesn't even look like me anymore. And a lot of people have complimented me on them as I've gotten older as well, so I think that helped.

Where do you get your beauty inspiration?

I am a big Pinterest user, so I'm always making boards and constantly adding to them. I have super-extensive hair and makeup boards, and I'm always pinning. I have a big editorial folder on Pinterest — that one's private. I think the hair and makeup ones are public, though. Anyone can go scroll through if they want. I'm inspired by all things, but Pinterest is my go-to creative inspo place. It’s the most positive social media platform I think that exists.

Is there a look that you're most excited to try next?

I've been liking weirder looks that are maybe less traditionally flattering. Maybe something like white or red mascara. I love, love, love red eyeliner and red eyeshadow. I like cooler-toned makeup. That feels really cool on the eyes, but also on the cheeks. I'm not really into looks that use a lot of blush. Sometimes my makeup artists use it on me, but I don't ever use blush on myself.

What was your favorite look you wore in the new Lancôme campaign?

I love Lisa [Eldridge, global creative director at Lancôme]. She's f*cking phenomenal ... and getting to do anything with her is always a dream. My favorite look was probably when I was wearing a blonde wig and a blue outfit, and I felt like I was in ABBA. We also used one of the red eyeshadow palettes for one of the looks, and as I’ve said, I love red eyeshadow, so that one look I also loved.

Courtesy of Lancôme
Courtesy of Lancôme
Courtesy of Lancôme
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Is there any beauty look you’ve tried that you regret?

I regret life before lip liner. I don't know what I was doing before. I also used to use way too much mascara. I was really clumping it on, and it just looked absolutely atrocious. I think I used to overdo it on the highlighter as well.

You were on YouTube and that was the time the highlighter was everything, though.

The one thing I'm glad I never did was fill in my brows to a point where they looked like a block. At the time, all I wanted was to learn that technique. But I could never figure it out, and I'm glad I never did. However, I will say I like the evolution of doing cringey sh*t and then regretting it — that's all part of the process.