NYLON’s First Impressions Of Rhode Beauty’s New Blush

Ahead of Pocket Blush’s official launch later in June.

by Michelle Santiago Cortés

Hailey Rhode Bieber’s beauty brand just took a huge step in expanding its product offerings. Known for its recurrently viral Peptide Lip Tint, the three-year-old brand mainly focuses on barrier-supporting skin care. But now, Rhode is stepping out with a second color cosmetic, this time for cheeks.

Called Pocket Blush, the pill-shaped capsule twists up to reveal a creamy, smooth formula for cheeks and lips. The multi-use product retails for $24 and is vegan and cruelty-free made without fragrance or gluten. It comes in six versatile shades: “Piggy” (likely named after her puppy Piggy Lou), a baby pink; “Freckle,” neutral peach; “Spicy Marg,” bright coral; “Sleepy Girl,” soft mauve; “Juice Box,” hot pink; and “Toasted Teddy,” bronze terracotta.

Harley Weir

NYLON managing editor Chelsea Peng tested Freckle during a recent trip to Mykonos. “I just dabbed some on the high points of the cheeks, a tiny bit on the bridge of the nose, and on lips,” she says of the shade, which came off more than pinkish than peachy on her recently tanned skin. “The blush blended in easily but didn't travel even in the humidity.” Similarly, Bustle’s executive beauty director Faith Xue found that Freckle is the “perfect everyday taupe-tinged rose” best applied by tapping a finger onto the product, then onto cheeks and cheekbones to blend. This method provides more control than direct product-to-skin contact and leaves a dewy sheen à la Hailey's signature look.

As for the packaging, Xue says she finds that it’s “bigger than what I would consider ‘pocket-sized’ — and the actual blush component feels smaller than other cream blushes on the market.” Nevertheless, she gives the blendability and shade range a 10 out of 10, saying she would “genuinely wear every shade for different occasions.”

While fans were picking up hints that Bieber was pregnant with her first child, they might have missed that she had been teasing the product on her personal Instagram since March and did so again over the weekend. Ahead of the product’s official launch on June 20, see more images below.

Harley Weir
Courtesy of Rhode
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