Fall’s Top Nail Trends Are All About Grunge Or Glitz

Bring on the moody colors for fall.

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With the turn of the seasons, we know nail color preferences shift from the bright, look-at-me summer shades to deeper, moodier tones, better for wrapping around cups of pumpkin-flavored drinks. In the fall, summer’s vibrant trends, like bright whites and reflective chromes, will be mellowing out in the direction of darker colors and richer metallics. Although classics like the barely-there sheer tones, French tips, and dark reds are perpetually chic, this season expect some new looks to be trending. We’ve observed fall 2022 nail trends are about to go one of two ways: grungy and punk or gilded and glamorous— some of them are a little bit of each.

Some manicures flaunted by stars at this year’s Grammy Awards gave us our first sneak peek into fall trends, where gold details and variations on a traditional French manicures ruled. On the other side of the spectrum, Tammy Taylor, celebrity nail tech who often works with Billie Eilish, says that muted, ’90s grunge-era browns and caramels are going to be some of the most popular shades for fall. Between the extremes, there’s a manicure trend for every kind of nail art lover. So, if you’re at a crossroads about what color to choose for your next nail appointment or want to upgrade your go-to nail design, we’ve got you covered. Ahead, we’ve rounded up fall 2022’s biggest nail trends, approved by some of the most in-demand nail artists.

Fall 2022 Nail Trend #1: Emo French

If you are looking to change up your staple French, flip the script and try out a black (or nearly-black) tip in place of the traditional white. “One of my favorite combinations involves using Not My First Rodeo beige as a base with Ferosh Black as the french tip,” offers Taylor. Instantly your French mani will look more fit for fall.

Fall 2022 Nail Trend #2: Foil Finishes

Glosslab Founder Rachel Apfel, says a hint of metallic is just the thing for those who want to take their nail game up a notch, but are cautious about trying new trends. “Foils are a fun way to add some sparkle to a regular manicure, without too much hassle,” says Apfel. “You can add foil over any neutral fall shade for a fun pop.”

Fall 2022 Nail Trend #3: Trippy Thermal Nails

The original Hot Girl herself, Megan the Stallion, brought this trend to the nail scene last year, but now thermal nails are staking their claim for fall 2022. Initially inspired by thermal imaging colors (primary red, yellow, and blue), this unique design continues to evolve, featuring colors that better suit the season— such as black, gray, dark green and navy.

Fall 2022 Nail Trend #4: Grunge Tones

The ’90s have been making their resurgence in both beauty and fashion for a while, so it makes sense that murky grunge tones would be returning on our nails. Taylor says she’s recently been “heavily influenced by the rock 'n' roll aesthetic: music, fashion, leather, animal print, and tattoos”, for her latest collection. Doesn’t that sound like something you want to try right now? Try out interesting browns, taupes, and neutrals— you can even mix and match.

Fall 2022 Nail Trend #5: Gray Matter

“Grey will be all the rage this fall,” says Apfel, “it's an upgrade from the pale blushes and whites of summer”. As our wardrobes change over from light sundresses to cozy sweaters, grey nails seem to hit just right. She also recommends playing with different finishes such as shimmers or mattes over gray polish, for a customized effect.

Fall 2022 Nail Trend #6: Glam Geodes

Celebrity and editorial nail tech, Honey, thinks that that fall will bring a new trend of cool geode crystal designs and polishes that give off a multidimensional look. Consider organic designs the new neutrals.

Fall 2022 Nail Trend #7: Chameleon Colors

This season, darker, multi-dimensional shades will be the winterized version of summer’s “glazed donut nails”. “Jewel tone shimmers give a chameleon feel that look even prettier in the light by giving off two or three shades,” says Honey. She recommends shopping from indie brands like Bee’s Knees and Ethereal Lacquer which produce limited edition shades every month— which will make your color and design extra exclusive.

Fall 2022 Nail Trend #8: Full-Glam Gold

Gold is a luxe look all year-round, but there’s something about the metallic that pairs so well with fall’s rich color palette and and cozy, plush textures. Even Chloe Bailey, has been seen sporting a 24 karat mani recently.

Fall 2022 Nail Trend #9: Goth Flowers

Florals for spring might not be groundbreaking, but for fall, putting a dark twist on flower nail art designs feels fresh. Delicate black and red florals create a chic balance of feminine and punk.

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