Fenty Beauty Created The Only Mascara You’ll Need This Fall

Thank you, Rihanna.

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Fenty Beauty has every step of your fall makeup routine covered. The beauty brand shared a sneak peek at its latest seasonal launches, including two new shades of the Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Mascara, two new palette additions to its Snap Shadows collection, and a deep burgundy shade of Lip Stunna Lip Paint that is perfect for fall.

The autumn-approved Fenty launches were announced on August 10, noting that the items would be available for purchase on August 13. For the collection, Fenty brought back a fan favorite in full size, unveiling a larger size of Underdawg Stunna Lip Paint. The warm burgundy shade was only previously available in a mini size.

Along with a new-ish product for your lips, the brand also announced some goodies for the eyes. The popular Full Frontal mascara will now be available in two limited-edition mini versions. Mi$$ Merlot, a burgundy shade joins Ivy League, a forest green-colored mascara.

In keeping with the theme of fall approved shades, Fenty announced two new Snap Shadows. The Wine palette comes with neutral and burgundy shades, while the Money palette is all about green, with hues including a golden shimmer, and a rich dark green. Fenty shared a better look at the green palette in action, posting a photo of an amazing look created by Dylan Davis on its Instagram.

For those keeping track at home, the newest Fenty Beauty announcement comes just days after the beauty brand announced the August 13 release of a Brow MVP Wax, and three shades of Pro Kiss Lip Balm. From brow to lips, Fenty has you covered for fall, and beyond.

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