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Glow Recipe Will No Longer Use Terms Like 'Poreless' and 'Flawless'

The brand is making a serious change to its product language.

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Conversations surrounding skincare often come with certain descriptors. In a continued quest to improve the overall appearance of one's skin, it's become commonplace to see terms like "poreless" or "flawless" used as a means of highlighting a product's capabilities or an expected result. Glow Recipe wants to change that, and recently announced a shift in its brand language.

Going forward, the brand will no longer use terms like "poreless" or "flawless." Announcing the change on Instagram, the popular skincare brand, beloved for its colorful, Instagram-worthy products, pointed to a common misconception in the skincare space. "For far too long, the beauty industry has perpetuated the idea that we should all strive for skin void of common realities like breakouts, pores, texture, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. But the reality is that skin that looks *exactly* like a pane of glass or porcelain wouldn’t be skin," Glow Recipe wrote.

Glow Recipe noted in its caption that many common skincare conditions, including blemishes, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation, are an expected "beautiful representation of growth." It asked for consumers to remember that "perfect" skin should be defined by its healthiness, writing, "We should all celebrate and cherish our skin in every state."

Along with the change in wording, Glow Recipe pledged to continue showing real, unretouched imagery in its campaigns. It also asked for feedback and ideas from customers, writing that it wants to create and foster a more inclusive space.

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