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Hailey Bieber is Launching A New Cake Flavored Lip Balm For Her Birthday

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If you’ve been trying to get your hands on Hailey Bieber’s Rhode Skin Peptide Lip Treatment, then you’ve definitely noticed there’s usually a waitlist to even try to order the best-selling lip balm. At one time it has had a waitlist of over 314,000. But don’t be too discouraged, it looks like Hailey has recognized the demand and is giving her fans a sweet treat in honor of her 26th birthday.

Hailey has been baking something up with Rhode Skin in the form of a new flavor of the Peptide Lip Treatment in honor of her birthday on November 22. The yummy addition to Rhode Skin—and the first new product to drop since the brand’s initial launch in June 2022— is a vanilla cake flavored Peptide Lip Treatment as a nod to birthday cake, naturally. Like the other three flavors of her fan-favorite lip balm, the new flavor is still infused with peptides to make your lips naturally plump and feel pillowy-soft. Given how the existing flavors of the Lip Treatment have sold out 5 times in just 6 months, you won’t want to sleep on this new release—especially because Vanilla Cake will only available for a limited time.

But that’s not all the Sagittarius is offering on her big day. Rhode Skin will also be offering a discounted gift set celebrating Hailey’s birthday as well—The Birthday Duo. Consisting of the new limited-edition Vanilla Cake Peptide Lip Treatment and Rhode Skin’s star product, the Peptide Glazing Fluid, The Birthday Duo will also only be available for a limited time. While the Peptide Lip Treatment is up for grabs at just $16, if you are in love with the glazed donut skin trend, you will save a few dollars buying the limited edition duo retailing at just $42. The set is also expected to be a hot commodity as the Peptide Glazing Fluid sold 36 units per second during its last restocks.

Both the Lip Treatment and the Peptide Glazing Fluid promise the effect of hydrated and glowing skin (on your face and lips, respectfully). In addition to the products’ plumping effect said to minimize the appearance of fine lines, both items also support restoring and protecting skin’s barrier. So, if you’re looking to winterize your skin care routine for bouncy skin look or want a supple pout— Hailey has got you covered.

The birthday drops will not be available until Hailey’s birthday, November 22 at 11am, but if you want to get ahead, sign up on the waitlist for these limited edition releases at

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