24 Halloween Manicure Ideas, From Festive to Freaky

Easier than a costume, but just as holiday-friendly.

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With every new season that comes around so does an opportunity for a fresh and festive manicure. No matter if you’re into gel, acrylics, or dip powder, the anticipation of an upcoming holiday lets you and your nail tech get be as creative as possible while getting into the spirit. Christmas and Valentine’s Day usually bring with very cute and feminine nail art, Halloween however, brings out some of the most creative and out-of-the-box designs that twisted minds can think of. Halloween nail art can range between sugary sweet playful pumpkins and friendly ghosts to creepy crawly spiders and bloody fangs.

True Halloween heads have had their spooky season nail designs ready since late September. The moment the first autumn wind blew, they were showing off their black spiderweb French tips and Scream-inspired acrylics. Our favorite Hot Girl, Megan Thee Stallion revealed her crisp white nails with two red stiletto vampire fang tips on the first of October and has been sharing spooky nail sets ever since. This past week she posted a dark black and purple skeleton x-ray set as well as a Monster, Inc.-esque neon pink, green and blue eyeball manicure. Talk about committed to the craft.

Below, we gathered 24 different Halloween nail art ideas you’ll want to wear this season. We might not have Megan’s nail team or budget to create new creepy designs every day, but with these creative looks, it will be too hard to pick just one. So all October long, instead of opting for your autumn hues, go for an All Hallows Eve-inspired look instead. The possibilities are truly endless.

Friendly Ghosts

Ghost nail designs live on the cuter side of the Halloween spectrum. They’re good for the person who prefers treats to tricks.

Bloody Claws

Whether they’re bloody claws or bloody fangs, these sets look creepy cool.

Screen Grabs

Nostalgic scary movies are no doubt going to be a huge driver of Halloween costume ideas this year, so why not extend that inspiration to your manicure?


These creepy crawly designs can be subtle or striking. Adding a web accent to a simple French manicure is a cool way to double up on seasonal trends.

Playful Pumpkins & Jolly Jack-O’-Lanterns

If you’re not ready to go all out for Halloween yet, start out the season with an adorable pumpkin design. Then, amp up the holiday spirit by transforming those pumpkins into expressive jack-o’-lanterns.

Bare Bones

Embrace the macabre with skull and skeleton-inspired nail art designs. In chic black and white, these chic manicures will still go with any outfit after the holiday is over.

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