Lady Gaga uses Haus labs edge precision brow pencil
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Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs Created the Next Big Pencil For Full, Natural Brows

It’s Haus Labs’ first-ever brow product.

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When you think of Lady Gaga’s most iconic beauty looks, it’s easiest to recall full-on glamour and fantasy. But what’s allowed her ever-growing beauty brand Haus Laboratories to blow up the way that it has, is that it provides you with the products needed to create your own look — however thrilling or natural you want it to be. The brand’s latest launch leans into the latter, delivering Haus Labs’ first-ever brow product, the Edge Precision Pencil.

Available now for $20 on, the new launch zeroes in on one of the biggest focuses of the face when it comes to makeup, but often one of the hardest categories to shop for.

“It's really something that's true to the way that Gaga and I do makeup,” Haus Labs Global Artistry Director Sarah Tanno shared with NYLON over a Zoom call. “We always use a brow pencil, but the thing is, we would always need to use several products because the product would break — it would either be so hard that the second [apply] it crumbles in your lap, or it's so soft that it looks waxy and doesn't lay down. So you're either getting something that lays on your skin and is a little bit too hard, or it's so soft that literally if you touch your brow, it's gone. We wanted it to work for somebody who has beautiful, thick brows, or someone who may not be gifted in the brow area.”

That goal is seen through in the final product, with thoughtful details designed to shape, fill-in, and define your brows for a natural look that seamlessly blends in with your brow hair. Part of that payoff comes from the rounded-point precision pencil that gently applies just the right amount of pigment for soft, hairlike strokes. Dual sided, the opposite end comes equipped with a strong albeit flexible bristle brush, to be used before and after application.

The other part of the equation can be credited to the nuanced shade range the product offers, a refreshing expansion from the typically small pool of shade options available in the category (think light, medium, and dark) that never truly give anyone a fair match. Instead, the Edge Precision Pencil is available in 13 shades across four hair color categories — including blonde, brunette, black, and red — that speak to a variety of warm, cool, and neutral undertones.

“This was a different product for us because this isn't as much of an artistry product,” said Tanno. “This is an everyday product that needs to work for everyday people that have every style of hair color, skin color, brow texture, and have different style preferences. So we really had to test it on people, get it in a lot of different people's hands. We went back and forth in product development for a very long time. We really felt like there was something missing from the marketplace, there wasn't a perfect brow pencil and we wanted to make one.”

As someone with naturally thick (see: bushy) brows, this pencil worked to define each of my individual brow hairs without leaving so much pigment behind that they looked drawn on or overly outlined. At the start of my brows is where I see the most sparsity — eventually filling out in the arch and tail — which is why it’s all the more important to have a brow pencil that can naturally integrate hairlike strokes into your look.

“I feel like we definitely go in and out of trends, whether it's thinner, whether it's more like a blocked out, filled-in brow, whether it's something really natural,” said Tanno. “And I'm feeling the trend definitely shifting towards a more natural filled-in brow that's more brushed up ... you can see the strokes but it's still filled in, you spent some time doing it but it looks a little more natural instead of the super full carved out brow. It has a little bit more dimension now.”

The Haus Labs Edge Precision Pencil is available for $20 at

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