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Every Makeup Product Used For Ariana Grande And Lady Gaga’s “Rain On Me” Glam

Makeup artist Sarah Tanno tells all.

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Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande are all about the rain this summer, releasing their video for "Rain On Me." While you likely have yet to get the bop out of your head, another element of the collab has taken over social media, as many show off their best version of the video's makeup. When it comes to learning the dance moves featured in the clip, you're officially on your own, but thanks to Makeup Artist Sarah Tanno, Global Artistry Director, Haus Laboratories, you can now exactly recreate the makeup worn by Lady Gaga and Grande in "Rain On Me."

For the video, Lady Gaga and Grande sport some different looks, but it's the makeup featuring white eyeliner that's taken over social media. Tanno, who did the makeup for the video, explained the original intentions for the "Rain On Me" beauty routines, telling NYLON, "We wanted the looks to feel powerful, pop, with a mix of dangerous rebellion."

In order to get that sense of danger mixed with rebellion, Tanno relied on products from Haus Laboratories, telling NYLON that she used the newly released Stupid Love palette to create the popular white liner look. Using the shade 911, Tanno covered the eyes with the white coloring, saying, "I had to do this very fast, so I actually used tape to make sure it was symmetrical, then I could paint over it quickly and have the sharp lines." She then applied black liner along the lids, which served as a perfect accent to the white.

For those that want to get a bit more risky with their routine, Tanno also shared with NYLON how she created Lady Gaga's opening look. Along with bleaching Lady Gaga's brows and adding some piercings, Tanno cut chains and bordered the singer's eyes with them. She gave Lady Gaga no foundation, but created a contoured red mouth with Rip Lip Liner in the color Slayer and Le Monster Matte in Mastered.

If your daily routine doesn't call for a look worthy of a music video, but you still want to have some fun with your makeup, Tanno did suggest using liquid-liner and lip crayons. "It is so easy to create fun graphic looks," she said of Haus Labs's Eye-Lie-Ner.

Ready to star in your very own music video, or just recreate the "Rain On Me" look? Below, find and shop every product that Tanno used.

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