Double Take

How To Style Butterfly Clips, According To 2 Pro Hairstylists

Two hairstylists; two very different takes on the Y2K trend.

In NYLON’s Double-Take, we challenge two beauty pros with differing styles to put their own spin on a beauty trend — so you can find inspiration (and helpful tips!) for your hair or skin type.

If the past couple of years have shown us anything, it’s that trends always come back — and right now, they’re firmly rooted in the Y2K era. Throughout the last few seasons, we’ve seen the re-emergence of some of our favorite early 2000s beauty and fashion trends, from low-rise jeans to velour tracksuits to chunky highlights. It’s giving us major nostalgia to the days of body glitter and Lip Smackers — when Paris Hilton was the ultimate cool girl.

One of the biggest Y2K hair trends to make a resurgence is the return of butterfly clips. Yes, those whimsical, colorful, plastic butterfly clips that were the go-to accessory both in everyday life and on the red carpet for our iconic early 2000s stars.

Whenever a new trend emerges — or, in this case, comes back in style — it can be difficult to figure out how to style it on your own hair texture or in a way that fits your personal style. NYLON’s new series Double-Take is here to help. We brought in two pro hairstylists, Jillian Halouska and Dre, and asked them to put their own personal spin on how to style butterclips.

As they revealed in the video above, Jill and Dre taught us that styling butterfly clips really comes down to adding your own flair, which gives you the confidence to rock it in any era. It’s all about being creative and using your hair’s texture to your advantage. Whether you choose to style them with braids, ponytails, or simply attach them to your strands, the look can be worn by all, and it's an easy way to spice up your regular ‘do.

Check out the fun and creative looks that Jillian Halouska and Dre chose. And stay tuned as we ask a diverse group of makeup artists and hairstylists to put their own spin on the buzziest trends via NYLON Double Take.


Talent: Jillian Halouska & Dre

Executive Producer: Whitney Buxton

Executive Creative Director: Lauren Sofair

Executive Beauty Director: Faith Xue

Producer: Danielle Alfredo

Post Supervisor: Amy Eakin

Editor: Cian Smith

Motion Designer: Ling Yang