The Best Internet Hacks for Perfect French Tip Nails

Using tools you might already have at home.

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Like many of the most iconic ’00s beauty trends, French tips are back in a big way, and (as with fashion’s cyclical nature) they’ve been revamped for a new decade. The modern French manicure is now much more colorful than its classic, pink-and-white predecessor. Most popularly it has been updated with neon shades replacing the white tip or with the addition of nail art. While the look has often been considered divisive and at times dubbed as tacky, there’s no denying there are a few reasons behind its enduring appeal. As a manicure base, it’s versatile, looks good even as it grows out, and gives the nails an elongated look. Add to the list now, it’s easier than ever to do at home, even without a super steady hand.

Naturally, TikTok is all over the trend. In fact, the hashtag #FrenchManicure already has over 35 million views. Here are the most clever hacks from the internet to nail this look at home using things you probably already have in your bathroom cabinet.

Using Silicone

If you’ve scrolled through TikTok in the past month, you may have come across one of these viral silicone manicure tutorials using a jelly nail stamper. By painting and inserting the nail into the stamper, you’re able to create a clean french manicure in a matter of minutes.

Using a Sponge

If (like nail artist Hang Nguyen) you don’t have a silicone stamper at home, this week she gave the hack a try with a makeup sponge. By painting multiple colors directly onto the sponge, Nguyen was able to create a quick and easy multi-color french mani. You do, however, need to be fast as the paint dries quickly.

Using Your Finger

Stripping down to basics, if you don’t have a stamper or sponge at the ready this TikTok creator went viral for using her finger for the hack. While it does create a mess, pressing your nail into your newly painted finger creates a surprisingly clean line. You can also press harder or lighter depending on your desired tip width.

Using a Band-Aid

If you’re looking for a more classic french manicure, you may want to grab a bandaid (or any adhesive. By covering the bottom part of your nail, you’re able to paint the tip freely, You then peel off the band-aid and clean up using a brush and nail polish remover.

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