Surrealist Makeup Artist Isamaya Ffrench’s Beauty Line is Coming This Month

This will be the iconic makeup artist's first own-brand cosmetics line.

There are few makeup artists that manage to shape the aesthetic of the decade, but Isamaya Ffrench has undeniably done just that. A celebrated British makeup artist and beauty director, she’s worked on the faces of iconic celebrities like Rihanna and Bella Hadid and has become a leading member of the ugly and unexpected beauty movement. Think: her shell covered faces for Burberry’s runway and sculpting alien beauty looks with extreme pointed ears. Now, she’s taking her signature take on all things grotesque and beautiful and channeling it into her first own-brand cosmetics line, announcing on Instagram and in British Vogue that Isamaya Beauty will be coming in June 2022.

The line is a genderless approach to beauty that aims to “further stretch the limitations,” offering a series of technical and innovative performance products to create an inclusive and creatively free environment for everyone to join. It will also capture the 33-year-old’s nonconformist approach to glam, so don’t expect to see the same-old-same-old in the landscape of increasingly similar beauty brands. “I’m creating my own world for a new generation of makeup lovers,” Ffrench said in a press release from the brand. “I want to inspire people and show them that there are other ways to approach beauty.” The brand has already released a leather bondage-themed promo video on TikTok and a series of stills captured by renowned fashion photographer Steven Klein, which although they doesn’t show any products put forth a very distinctive vibe.

The debut makeup collection, Industrial, is clearly a revolt against the cookie-cutter celebrity beauty brands, with a moody Industrial 14-pan Eyeshadow Palette, Rubberlash Latex Lift Mascara, Liplacq Maximising Lip Serum, Browlacq Brow Laminator, and a Skinlacq Triple Hyaluronic Glow Serum (coming soon shortly after launch. It’s the toolkit you need for some of the most out-there trends, including spidery-long eyelashes or completely laminating your eyebrows for a naked effect (so new eyebrows can be penciled in overtop, or not). “Industrial is a hardcore, hard-hitting concept both visually and materially Leather and latex, piercings and rubber, flesh, strength, and self-possession, for makeup lovers who don’t want to conform,” Ffrench said.

The release follows Ffrench’s years of experience in the industry, including as Global Make-up Artist for Christian Louboutin in 2019 and Global Beauty Director at Burberry Beauty in 2020. She was also a driving force behind Byredo’s color cosmetics line launch, from September 2020. Queen of all things avant-garde Ffrench’s brand is sure to shake up the makeup industry. It also takes us deeper into the goth and punk beauty trends starting to circulate and we’re more than here for it.

The 5-piece beauty collection will also come with reusable hardware — including wearable rings — and limited edition t-shirts and jewelry. It will all be available on the Isamaya Beauty website at the end of June.