Issa Rae Curated A Salon-Complete Set Of Hair Products Just For Textured Hair

She used every product during quarantine.

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Issa Rae wants you to have your best textured hair ever. The Insecure writer and star has revealed her complete quarantine hair routine, and teamed up with Sienna Naturals to have it delivered right to your door.

Introducing Rae and Sienna Natural's new and complete salon in a box for textured hair. Available online now, and retailing for $75, the Sienna Naturals salon in a box includes products personally used by Rae on her wash days. The kit comes with four products and two scrunchies, and as is the case with all Sienna Naturals products, items are clean and intended for use on textured hair.

Additionally, you can also pick and choose individual products through the Sienna Naturals website and through Products will also be available in Target stores.

Used by Rae over the last few months of COVID-19, the salon in a box includes H.A.P.I shampoo, which cleanses hair from root to tip and removes built-up product, sweat, and environmental stressors, along with Plant Power, a hydrating mask that strengthens, softens, and restores moisture to hair.

Rounding out the box is Dew Magic, a leave-in conditioner that can be applied to hair as a cure-all, promising to strengthen and soften hair without leaving behind residue, and Lock & Seal, a hair oil made specifically to prevent hair breakage.

Recommended for use once a week, the products offer a specific and complete routine, beginning with the application of H.A.P.I. shampoo. After cleansing, soak your hair with Plant Power, add Dew Magic for a little post-shower love, and finish off with a small spritz of Lock & Seal.

As for Rae's preferred product, she shared her love for Dew Magic on the Sienna Naturals website, noting, that the leave-in conditioner is good for a wash-and-go style as it "adds the perfect amount of moisture without leaving a film."

Rae recently became a co-owner of the buzzy beauty brand, Allure reported. She helped spearhead a rebrand of Sienna Naturals with CEO Hannah Diop, and it was also reported that more new Sienna products would be coming soon.

See the entire product lineup, below.

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