Lil Nas X Celebrated His New Single With A James Charles Makeover

Inspired by his latest music video.

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Lil Nas X is back with new music, and part of his celebrations included appearing on James Charles's YouTube channel. Becoming the first male celebrity to ever undergo a Charles makeover, Lil Nas X allowed the beauty YouTuber to give him an all-silver makeup look.

Following in the recent footsteps of Kylie Jenner and Emma Chamberlain, Lil Nas X handed the glam reigns over to Charles, and the two collaborated on a routine that was based on a character from the "Holiday" single. The clip started with Charles prepping Lil Nas X's face for makeup application, and from there, Charles added in metallic touches.

Throughout the makeover, the two take time to chat, touching on the success of Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" single, and his dreams for the future. As the rapper reveals, he's still holding out for a Doja Cat collaboration.

At one point in the makeover, Charles lets Lil Nas X take over, allowing him to curl his own eyelashes. Charles did call the resulting look "horrifying," but assured the singer he would fix it.

With lashes properly curled and eyebrows completed, Charles moved to the makeup, and lined Lil Nas X's lids in a silver-colored product. He further extends the choice of color to his lips, adding a single silver line down the center.

Adding some additional touches off camera, the two later return, and Lil Nas X is wearing a white wig. "The inspiration behind this entire look is this character I created that's in my music video," Lil Nas X explains. As for his final thoughts on the look, Lil Nas declares, "I'm a f*cking baddie."

Follow along with the futuristic makeup application, below.

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