Joaquin Phoenix wearing full Joker makeup and smiling
Photo Via Instagram.


Joaquin Phoenix In Full Joker Makeup Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Director Todd Phillips released a first look

It’s no secret that everyone has high expectations for the new Joker movie. Joaquin Phoenix is set to star as the titular character in this new take on the supervillain’s tale, but a lot of details about the movie have been kept very quiet.

Up until this point, the only shared shots from the movie have been of Phoenix in plain clothes sans makeup. While that tells us that we’ll definitely be seeing a humanized version of Batman’s nemesis, it left everyone wondering just how well Phoenix will fit into the Joker persona.

Well, wonder no more, because director Todd Phillips has given us a taste of what we’ve all been waiting for. The director posted a teaser on Instagram for the new movie, revealing justhow Phoenix looks in full makeup. We’ll let you take it in for yourself.

Don’t worry, they’re making sure we don’t forget just how creepy clowns can be. The movie, also starring Zazie Beetz and Robert De Niro, is set to release on October 4 of next year.