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A Kate Moss Wellness Brand Is Coming Soon

The supermodel announced her new brand with a naked video.

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In her modeling heyday, iconic supermodel Kate Moss was known for her hard-partying ways and was pretty much the face of the ’90s era when looking unhealthy and waifish was chic. At 48 years old, the model has not only taken a break from her hectic modeling career but also stepped away from her partying reputation after becoming sober four years ago and taking up practicing yoga. Now, she’s taking another step into the wellness space with the annoucement of her forthcoming new wellness brand, Cosmoss.

Moss announced the brand today with a nostalgic (and naked) black and white video posted to her Kate Moss Agency Instagram account, where the supermodel already set a release date for September 1, 2022. “Mesmerising and magical. Cosmoss is self-care created for life’s modern journeys. @Cosmoss Coming 01.09.22 Join at,” the caption read. The brand’s Instagram account, which has posted four images since this morning, already has over seven thousand followers and counting.

Other posts offered hints at what we can expect from the brand, accompanied by photos of Kate Moss in motion. “COSMOSS draws on the extraordinary life experience of Kate Moss—ready to share her journey of self- acceptance and freely be herself. Each COSMOSS product has been meticulously crafted with well-being in mind, using potent, natural substances. Each ritual opens a door to balance, restoration and love. The COSMOSS scent recentres and completes,” one post read.

According to the Daily Mail, the brand’s first release will include detoxifying tea, CBD face oil, and a “sacred” mist, with Instagram posts hinting at the brand's focus on “rejuvenation, balance, and healing”. While we’ll have to wait for the official launch to get a look at the actual products, the good thing is that we don’t have to wait for long, with the brand set to launch just next week. In the meantime, fans can sign up for more info on the Cosmoss website.

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