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Kourtney Kardashian Introduced Addison Rae To Sunscreen

The TikTok phenomenon ran through her beauty routine in a new Vogue video.

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Addison Rae might already be the founder of a beauty brand, but it's only due to one of her newest friendships that she started using one of the most important skincare products. The Item Beauty founder shared her guide to glow in a new video for Vogue, and as she shared, up until she met Kourtney Kardashian, she was committing a big beauty no-no.

In a complete breakdown of her current beauty routine, Rae shared that she recently started using sunscreen, specifically EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46. She's quick to mention that sunscreen is important to a daily skincare routine, but admits that until she met Kardashian, she wasn't using the product.

Explaining that she likes to lay the product under makeup, Rae goes on to say, "I just started using it, so hopefully my face will no longer get sunburnt." She notes that Kardashian gifted her the current bottle of EltaMD she's using, and said that her new friend told her it was really good for her skin.

Sunscreen isn't the only reference to Kardashian in the clip. At its conclusion, Rae partakes in a quick spritz of her current favorite perfume, the KKW Diamond Kourtney fragrance. Admitting that her complete perfume application method is a bit unusual, Rae said that she read somewhere that perfume should be applied behind the knees. "Really weird and maybe not the best for you," Rae remarks as she sprays her knees. And while it does seem weird, the method is based in fact, as Self reports that the location is a perfect spot, particularly in the summer when your legs are often exposed.

The video also features Rae giving a tutorial in Item Beauty, and she shouts out of a few of her favorite products, including the mascara, bronzer and brow pencil. She even shares a secondary use for her eyebrow pencil, saying that it's great for creating faux freckles. "The freckles I have on my nose are just from being in the sun a lot, which is why I'm wearing my sunscreen from now on," she says.

Learn a few beauty secrets from the TikTok star, below.

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