Laguna Beach Played A Role In The Launch Of Kristen Cavallari’s Skincare Line

It all started with some teenage blemishes.

Kristin Cavallari knows you’re wondering about her skincare routine. After years of being asked about her skincare regimen, the reality television star and entrepreneur decided to take beauty matters into her own hands. On May 13, Cavallari will release Uncommon Beauty, a collection of products that she’s created to be clean, natural, and effective.

When in front of the cameras, Cavallari admits to getting dolled up and wearing more makeup than usual. Behind the scenes, and in her day-to-day life, she’s not as invested in glamour, telling NYLON, “I really just put on mascara and fill in my eyebrows, and call it a day,” she said. “I’m so minimal in my routine of getting ready, so I want my skin to look as good as possible.”

Launching with five products, Uncommon Beauty is the result of serious research and Cavallari’s desire to truly know the contents of her skincare products. The conception process started with a close examination of what Cavallari was using on her skin, as well as what was in each product. In working with a lab, she discovered that many of the products that she previously used contained ingredients she didn’t want to use.

From there, she decided to do something about it, telling NYLON, “I thought, maybe we could launch a line that was really was clean and effective. What was important to me was that we were clean. I want my products to be so clean, that I can put them on my kids.”

Sharing her excitement for the products, Cavallari said that her entire skincare regimen now consists of Uncommon Beauty items, beginning with the Pineapple Peptide Nectar serum. The serum, featuring vitamin C and Kakadu Plum, was made for brightening skin and reducing wrinkles.

Additional items in the Uncommon Beauty debut include a lip balm, a Daily Water Cream moisturizer, the Daily Foaming Powder Cleanser, and the Triple Effect Eye Cream. “I don’t want everything to be too complicated,” she said of her collection. “I want everything to be no fuss. I didn’t want to have 20 products that you need, I wanted to have five that do the job.”

Looking back on her Laguna Beach days, Cavallari credits her time in high school as the possible catalyst for her interest in beauty. “I always had a zit, all the time,” she recalls. “As I got older, and was in the entertainment world, I was always worried about breakouts. It’s so cool, it’s so surreal to hold these products.”