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Kylie Jenner And Kaia Gerber Have Reached The ‘Go Blonde’ Part Of Quarantine

Emily Ratajkowski and Emma Chamberlain went blonde, too.

As hair salons across the United States begin to reopen, the great celebrity hair experiments are beginning again. After months of DIY at-home dye jobs, it seems that one color is officially trending among the stars. Within the last week, Kylie Jenner, Kaia Gerber, Emily Ratajkowski, and Emma Chamberlain all debuted blonde hair, and it's safe to say this could be the summer of shine.

The week of light hair started on June 22, when Chamberlain posed for an outdoor photo with her "blonde :/" hair. The remainder of the color changes started on the days following, when Gerber was spotted sporting a straight blonde lob during a recent outing. Her much lighter shade of hair comes after the model had experimented with going blonde at home, using hydrogen peroxide.

As for her celebrity blonde counterparts, Jenner debuted her blonde hair on Wednesday, June 24. After previously hinting on Instagram that she anticipated a return to her once icy shade of hair, the Kylie Cosmetics founder made good on her promise. Posing in a black bra, Jenner shared two selfies of her newly blonde hair, writing, "too good had to do a double take."

The celebrities with blonde hair club then added a final member, with Ratajkowski sharing a selfie of her platinum hair, which she credited to Kerastase. For her "Day 1 as a blondie," the model did the most natural thing following a major hair change: posed for multiple Instagram photoshoots.

If you're feeling inspired to make a similar change this summer, it's important to know that unless your hair is already lightened, the style does comes with some upkeep. Hairdresser Jenni Robinson previously told NYLON that the color change requires patience, and in some cases, multiple trips to the salon. Additionally, even after the appointment is over, your work continues, as ensuring color longevity and hair health requires careful at-home care. And if you do think you want to lighten your locks, it's always a good idea to schedule a consultation with your stylist first to talk process and what to expect.

Ready to make the change? Get inspired by photos of the newly blonde celebs, below.