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Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs Debuted New Eyeshadow Quads For The Holidays

And enlisted a group of influencers for its campaign.

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This year has been far from ideal for anyone, and still, it's looked vastly different for every person who has experienced it. With that in mind, Lady Gaga and Haus Laboratories decided to celebrate the debut of their latest launch — the Haus Laboratories Four-Way shadow palettes — from the perspectives of different creators from all different walks of life for the new HOLIDAY 4 YOU campaign.

"The holidays won’t look traditional for most this year which is exactly why our campaign doesn’t either," the brand shared with NYLON over email. "We are passing the spotlight over to a few digital creators who embody 'festive' in a new way. Our holiday campaign, HOLIDAY 4 YOU, is all about passing the spotlight and creating the makeup fantasies that will help you celebrate yourself and your loved ones this season. Our creators know just how to celebrate themselves through their creative self-expression and innovative looks."

The Four-Way shadow palettes ($24) themselves come in nine different palette options complete with three finishes — ranging in varying color combinations, from neutrals to holiday party-ready shades — that take a lot of the guesswork out of completing an impressive eye look on your own. The ultra-blendable formula makes it easy to incorporate the whole palette into one look, while each shade can certainly stand on its own. And like with all Haus Labs products, the Four-Way shadow palettes are vegan and cruelty-free.

Among those creators personally chosen by Lady Gaga are beauty extraordinaires ChrisSoFly22 and Biddy, who utilize not only their creativity but identities when it comes to their looks — an approach near and dear to Lady Gaga's ethos as both an artist and as a brand founder.

"I definitely find power in my identity. Being a Black man who is also a part of the LGBTQ+ community ... you always feel kind of different from everyone else," Chris shared with NYLON. "When I walk into a room and [am] wearing a colorful wig and my pretty winged eyeliner, a lot of the time, people’s heads are turning and sometimes jaws are dropping just because that’s not something that they’re used to seeing from a 6’4” Black man. Though it can feel uncomfortable sometimes, I always remind myself to embrace the stares and the whispers because I believe that there is truly power and beauty in being different!"

Growing up in Asia, Biddy has similar experiences of feeling out of place, feeling as though she didn't fit a certain standard of Western beauty ideals. "As a short, curvy brown woman, I’ve been told my whole life to change my appearance in one way or another — whether it was to buy a lighter toned foundation, lose weight or straighten my hair," she shared with NYLON. "But as I gained more confidence in who I was, I evolved past the 'looks' aspect of it. Beauty to me is an energy."

Check out the collection in action below, and shop the shadows straight from Amazon.

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