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Lancôme Is Re-Releasing Juicy Tubes, Its '00s Makeup Essential

Celebrate the 20th anniversary exclusively at Sephora.

There was once a time when velour sweatsuits, Marissa Cooper, and Dooney and Burke ambassador Lindsay Lohan ruled the world. That fateful and magical '00s era, much like the all too short IRL relationship between Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody is long gone, but one beauty staple is returning. Lancôme has announced the return of Juicy Tubes, a '00s makeup essential.

Returning for its 20th anniversary, Juicy Tubes are available online for $20. For the return, the Tubes will be available in three finishes — sparkle, creamy and jelly. Additionally, you can also take advantage of scented flavors, with cute names including Cupcake, Dreamsicle, and Raspberry Cool. In total, there are 20 shades to choose from, including 12 shimmer and sparkle shades, four jelly shades, and four cream shades.

Like its previous iteration, these Juicy Tubes for the modern-era feature the same easy-to-use applicator. The tube-tip helps make adding some extra shine a breeze, and you can wear the gloss alone or on top of your favorite lip color.

Sharing the juicy news with Instagram, followers were quick to express their emoji admiration. And to celebrate the occasion, Lancôme even created a video featuring a bit of '00s inspiration.

Get psyched for the Juicy Tubes return with a video from Lancôme, below.