Review of Living Proof’s new Instant hair-repairing treatment


An Honest Review Of Living Proof’s New Instant Hair Repairing Treatment

Softer, stronger hair? Sign me up.

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Living Proof hair care has never really been about glossy shampoo ads where models dance around fields of flowers with shiny CGI hair. Since the brand’s original launch in 2005, Living Proof has been about science—the original founding team included biotech scientists from MIT—not exactly a typical swanky salon origin story. For Living Proof every product is supposed to be the solution for a specific and common hair problem or just about getting your version of a really really good hair day (one of their best-selling product lines is named “Perfect hair Day”, after all). Now, the brand is debuting a new leave-in treatment called the Triple Bond Complex, which is their next innovative solution towards helping their customers their best hair possible. The new treatment is intended to protect, repair, strengthen and improve hair’s look and feel all-in-one. The best part is that it doesn’t require you to do all that much, nor use it too often—which meant I had to try it out.

For the launch, I spoke to Jenna Perry, Living Proof’s celebrity colorist and the artist behind some of your favorite It girl hair transformations, about the Triple Bond Complex treatment and had her walk me through the process of trying it out at home for myself. I have short 4C natural hair that I once dyed ginger and then black, so I’ve definitely taken on some hair damage. I don’t usually blow dry my hair, but I was eager and excited about seeing if the leave-in could help repair some of my hair care past. Here’s what I found out.


  • Brand: Living Proof
  • Price: $45
  • What is it? The Triple Bond Complex is a leave-in hair repair treatment that is supposed to help repair hair making it smoother and shinier after one use when activated with heat and make hair stronger over time. It also acts as heat protectant for up to 450°
  • Who is it for? All hair types and textures
  • Where can you buy? and

How To Use:

The Triple Bond Complex is an no-rinse leave-in treatment. After you shower (shampooing and conditioning as usual) and towel dry your hair, take two pumps of product in between your palms and distribute it throughout your hair and comb through. You can use it from root to tip, but consider concentrating on applying on mid-length to the ends where hair is oldest and therefore most vulnerable to breakage. Wait ten minutes for the product to penetrate (this is a great time to brush your teeth and do your skin care routine FYI), then blow dry it into the hair for the best results of instantly softer, healthier looking hair. If you prefer to skip blow drying, you can let hair air dry or wear it overnight. The results won’t feel as dramatically noticeable in the single use, but it’s still working.

Perry says using the treatment once a week is all you need, no matter your other hair habits. It’s an intentionally a low maintenance repairing product. There’s no waiting and rinsing or mid-shower steps, which means you’ll actually want to use it. The treatment is bonded once applied and heat is added and doesn’t wash out even you shampoo a couple days later. She also recommends the Living Proof Restore Shampoo and Conditioner as it pairs well with the new treatment to maintain hair between treatments.

How Does It Work?

So, you know how you’re supposed to avoid heat styling for healthy hair— this is the opposite. The treatment’s technology is actually activated by heat and it also is said to provide heat protection for up to 450° so blowout lovers can finally rest easy. Per the brand, the complex “constructs a 3D network within the hair fiber, helping rebuild the structure and resist damage”. In other words, it sort of fills in the broken gaps in your hair which makes hair feel smoother, split ends look let noticeable, and makes hair less vulnerable to help stave off future damage.

But overall, I found it’s just a really good blow dry prep, that doesn’t require multiple products or steps for it to work. It’s about as easy as it gets.


After getting these pro tips from Jenna, I decided to give it a try myself. I followed the steps and then dried my hair with a blow dryer and followed up with a flat iron to style. If you feel your hair is frazzled, dry or damaged from coloring, heat damage, or over-processing with chemicals, I would recommend using it immediately. I noticed a difference instantly upon first use and it made my hair feels softer, look smoother be overall more manageable.

Final Verdict:

I enjoyed this product! Usually when I apply any kind of heat to my hair, it feels so thin afterwards. When I used the Triple Bond Complex, it made my strands feel swollen and full— in the best way. My hair had a lot of volume which I loved, but also felt soft and had a healthy shine.

If you’re still not sold, check out some before and afters from Living Proof, here:

Courtesy of Living Proof
Courtesy of Living Proof

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