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Lizzo Shared Her High/Low Morning Beauty Routine on TikTok

It includes $125 toothpaste.

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If you've ever wondered what gives Lizzo her incredible glow, you're in luck because she just dropped her morning beauty routin on TikTok. Posting the video on Saturday, the singer’s weekend self-care ritual is actually surprisingly relatable—minus her choice in toothpaste. Not one to skip any details she revealed the products, techniques, and order of her body, hair, and skincare routines from first waking up to getting out of the door to a hot yoga class.

Lizzo filmed the video in her bathroom in a silky black robe, first wetting her face before applying Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser to a washcloth and cleansing her face. She then applied a generous amount of True Botanicals Renew Radiance Oil to her face and used a Gua-sha tool for a facial massage. The “Rumors” singer then moved on to her dental routine, which was just as extensive (and more expensive) than her skincare one. She uses the Theodent 300 toothpaste, an extra-strength whitening toothpaste that also contains an enamel-strengthening ingredient called Rennou and comes in a luxurious white and gold packaging, which retails for $125 a tube. She uses the Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 electric toothbrush and Garner’s Garden Oxy Pulling Oral Rinse after brushing. We have to respect a dental hygiene queen.

While not many of us can opt for such an expensive toothpaste (Lizzo herself revealed in the comments that “RuPaul gifted it to me”), Lizzo’s video is a good reminder to put as much effort into maintaining your oral health as we often do our skincare. At a more accessible $16 price tage, you can buy a tube of the Theodent Classic.

Then she goes onto her body care. Lizzo recently revealed in an Instagram story that she “smells better” after discontinuing her use of deodorant. Here she reveals, she opts for a natural alternative with Natural Pure Crystal Deodorant Mist. She follows it with an unknown body oil, and mango shea butter. Before her hot yoga session, Lizzo also applied Curly Assembly's Lavender Whipped Hair Butter, with jojoba oil, olive oil, and coconut oil “for hair that dries very easily and tighter curls”.

While Lizzo’s TikTok video was just a sneak peek into her weekend pre-workout pampering, not the routine she uses before her high-glam red carpet and concert looks, we’re hoping the singer will continue to share her beauty secrets with us on the app—extravagant toothpaste and all.

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