Lori Harvey, The SKN x LH founder next to some beauty products she uses


Lori Harvey Likes To Do Four Skincare Masks a Night

The SKN x LH founder shares her in depth beauty routine.

In 2021 Lori Harvey became a name on everyone’s lips, and this shows no sign of slowing down in 2022. The model and entrepreneur just turned 25 years old, she’s one half of Instagram’s favorite couple with Michael B. Jordan, and has recently launched her own skincare line. It looks like everything is coming up Lori, and we’re excited to watch.

In chic and minimalist, aquamarine packaging, SKN x LH is a collection of unisex skincare products that takes all of the guesswork out of creating a routine. (And hopefully has the benefit of helping you get Lori’s incredible glow.) “Literally, we have step one, step two, step three, step four, step five on our bottles on the packaging,” something that was important to her when creating the simple, daily routine that she uses herself. “It's super easy for the person that is a skincare enthusiast, like myself, or the person that doesn't really know the first thing about skincare.” Clearly she’s onto something, as the line originally sold out immediately upon its fall launch.

Below, Lori Harvey talks with NYLON about the having solving problem skin when she was younger, her favorite wellness rituals, and creating her skincare line, SKN x LH.

What is your earliest beauty memory?

It’s when I was a little girl, watching my mom do her skincare routine and getting her makeup done. When she would leave the bathroom, I would get into her toiletry bag and try to recreate what I saw her do in the mirror. In hindsight, I think I was just making a mess.

I've always been in love with all things beauty. Growing up, I would love to go to CVS or Walgreens and load up on drugstore makeup and different skincare products and I would go home and just sit in the mirror and try everything.

What does you daily routine look like now?

My daily skincare routine consists of my Goji Berry Cleanser, White Tea Toner, Vitamin C Serum, the Peptide Eye Complex, and Niacinamide Cream– those are all from my line SKN x LH. It's the perfect easy everyday skincare routine. I don't put on makeup every day; I kind of prefer not to unless I'm going out somewhere. I have been embracing not putting on any makeup and just taking care of my skin. It's been so good! It's an overall confidence boost for me, when my skin looks good and it's clear.

Do you still enjoy getting glammed up for events?

I love a grand moment. I love getting my makeup done. I love the contour. I like experimenting with different eyes lately. I did a cut crease the other day and I was like, "oh, fancy.” It's just the everyday when I won’t usually do makeup.

What made you want to get into skincare?

Skincare is something that I've been obsessed with since I was a little girl. I'm have extremely sensitive skin. I have rosacea, which is a condition where your skin gets extremely red, you can breakout, you have like little acne bumps. It's not fun. Growing up, I was trying all these things and I was kind of messing up my skin by using products that weren't really for sensitive skin, like using super strong exfoliators. As I got older, especially having makeup put on and taken off my face for shoots, my skin was really going through it. So I was like, “You know what, I am going to start my own skincare line, I can do this. I can create an easy, step by step routine for people like me.”

What was the most important thing to you when you were creating the line?

We don't use any synthetic fragrance or coloring. No parabens, no sulfates, no petroleums; it’s vegan and cruelty free. Most importantly it’s suitable for skin types, and we are especially catering people that have symptom of rosacea. I wanted to start with what I use every day on my skin already. Literally, we have step one, step two, step three, step four, step five on our bottles on the packaging. So it's super easy for the person that is a skincare enthusiast or the person that doesn't really know the first thing about skincare.

The main three ingredients that are in pretty much all of my products are vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. Those help with things like hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and brightening and firming. I wanted to include them in my products because they are the ingredients that helped me as I was like going on my skin journey.

What else do you do for your overall wellness?

Every day when I wake up on empty stomach, the first thing I'll do is drink celery juice and I’ll chase it with a vitamin C shot. I get them from a spot in L.A. called Kreation. I love them. I think that really jump starts my digestive system and it’s good for my skin as well. Then, I'll typically go to a Pilates class, and then I like to sit in the sauna. The sauna is also really, really good for your skin and it's very therapeutic, and then I shower. I typically try to get in the sauna after I work out every day for at least 30 minutes. It helps me relax. I like to gather my thoughts in the sauna.

Do you have any other beauty habits that have become game changers for you?

I invested in a good facial steamer. I like to use it when I face mask. I'll do four or five different face masks in one night. I'll sit by the steamer, if I'm doing like a clay mask, and let it seep into my pores and pull out any impurities. I invested in this portable high frequency device and I highly recommend to anybody that I talk to. If you have a pimple or anything, you just zap it and I swear it'll be visibly smaller the next day.

You do four or five skincare masks in a night?

Yeah, I like to start with like a good clay mask, then I'll follow it up with either a vitamin C mask or a hydrating mask. Then I'll go in with a sheet mask. It all depends on what I'm working on that night. So if I want my skin to look brighter, I'll use a mask for that. If I want to firm or tone, I'll use something for that. Or if I need to hydrate, then I'll use something for that.

If I’m traveling, I'll use a bunch of different masks. I get travel breakouts, especially now that we have to wear masks on the plane. So as soon as I land, I have to mask. I swear by that. Fresh has some really good masks. I love their Umbrian clay Pore Refining mask. They have a really good vitamin C mask, the Vitamin Nectar Glow Mask and Joanna Vargas has some really amazing sheet masks. If I need hydration, I will lean on her sheet masks. I usually let each mask sit on for at least 20 minutes, so it can definitely take up to an hour and a half if I'm feeling it. I get very invested.

Is there anything you’re liking for your hair right now?

I don't really have a hair routine. I typically throw my hair up in a bun or a ponytail. But I am loving this hair growth oil from The Hair Kitchen. It works so well and it's been making my hair grow so fast.

What look makes you feel the most like yourself?

Definitely when my skin is clear, probably when my hair is pulled back — I feel like that's like my signature right now. And my nails have to be done. If my nails aren't done, I do not feel like myself. I actually won't even leave the house. That's for sure. I go Chaun Legend religiously, I am very faithful to my nail tech. I usually see him every week and a half or two weeks. Lately I've been into my natural nails, so I've been keeping them short with a simple french. I go through phases and moods, now I'm kind of simple and understated.

How do you feel about fragrance?

I am a fragrance girl. I love to smell good. I typically go for a Tom Ford fragrance, he has a lot of fragrances that I really like, especially Bitter Peach. My fragrance depends on my mood, my vibe, what time of day it is, and where I'm going.

Do you have a beauty philosophy?

I would say, take care of your skin. You're never too young to start. Be diligent with your eye cream and wear sunscreen!