Get Megan Fox’s Neon Manicure Look with These Electric Polishes

Go forth and be bright.

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Being a pop punk girlfriend comes with a dress code. The combination of corset tops, Dr. Martens, and a whole lot of black creates a powerful look, but it’s not exactly what you would call vibrant. However, lately we’ve seen Megan Fox step out of the goth aesthetic — at least when it come to her nails. Megan’s surprisingly bright manicures (by her go-to nail artist, Brittney Boyce) help add a fresh, fun feeling to her vampiric outfits. Lucky for us, copying the look is super easy. Neon nails are bound to get attention, no elaborate nail art required. All you need is two coats of the right lacquer.

Ahead, nine neon polishes you can use to get Megan’s DayGlo look.

This super sunny yellow-orange instantly puts you in a good mood.


Or try this deeper orange as a more exciting alternative to red.

A sunshine yellow manicure adds a dose of brightness to an all-black wardrobe.

Lemony Lemon
Olive & June

This perfectly primary lemon zest polish is formulated to last without a base coat.

Fluorescent green-yellow is a more polarizing shade, but harness its energy and you’ll literally glow.

Not ready to try the crazier neon shades? Start by dipping into the trend with a flashier version of your go-to pink.

Little Beach House
Static Nails

A super-saturated Tiffany blue is a fun twist on the pastel candy color.


Blue eyeshadow is everywhere this season. Consider matching your manicure to your lids for a full fashion look.

Hunger Flames
Sally Hansen

Because it’s the darkest possible neon shade, a sour candy grape can act as an unexpected neutral.

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