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This Clueless-Inspired Nail Polish Collection Is a ’90s Teen Dream

The 12 saturated shades are perfect for summer.

The iconic 1995 film, Clueless has kept its place fashion and beauty mood boards for decades since its release. It has inspiring everything from Halloween costumes to current fashion, making a comeback in amongst the current nostalgic Y2K revival. Since its influence continues to reign, it only makes sense that the Clueless merch continues to be refreshed and reinvented even in 2022. Now, that’s exactly what Morgan Taylor and Gelish are doing in partnership with Paramount Pictures.

Nail lacquer brands Morgan Taylor and Gelish just realeased a Clueless Summer 2022 collection with a range of 12 dynamic and super-saturated shades inspired by the iconic style of Clueless. Each of the high-impact polishes will give you the perfect ’90s-inspired manicure in just two coats. In true throwback fashion, the range includes two confetti glitter overlay shades— a chunky gold foil glitter and silvery rainbow tinsel sparkles— alongside a both cream and metallic baby pink shades, a sky blue, Nickelodeon orange, and a sage green crème, among others. “The movie is such a classic fan favorite that we knew this color range really had to be outstanding. It was such a fun range of colors to put together and we hope everyone loves the shades as much as we do,” says Danny Haile, CEO, and Founder of Gelish Soak-Off Polish.

Naturally, all 12 polishes are named after memorable scenes or lines for the 1995 Clueless movie, including “Ugh, As If”, “Highly Selective”, and “I Totally Paused”. The Morgan Taylor lacquers will sell for only $10 and the Gelish gel lacquers will be $15, available from the Gelish and Morgan Taylor websites, as well as Amazon and other select distributors. The new shades will also only be available for a limited time, so true Clueless fans will want to jump on the nostalgic range quickly.

Check out some of the sugary sweet Y2K-inspired shades below:

Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer in Ugh, As If
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Morgan Taylor Professional Lacquer in I Totally Paused
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Morgan Taylor Professional Lacquer in Oops, My Bad!
Morgan Taylor Professional Lacquer in Totally Betty