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7 Nail Sticker Brands That Will Change Your At-Home Manicures Forever

From ManiMe to Olive & June, these are the best places to buy nail art stickers.

Not everyone has the blessed ability to do DIY beautiful nail art at home. Thankfully, if you consider yourself one of the unlucky people, plenty of brands have done the hard work for you, creating easy-to-apply stickers that make it look as if you've spent an extremely long time perfecting every detail of your manicure. Whether you're looking to spruce up your current polish with the addition of a fun motif or icon or you're looking for stickers that'll cover your entire nail, mimicking a full manicure, the experts are here to help with a guide to the best nail art stickers and how to properly apply them.

There are plenty of sticker options, ranging from miniature stars to full-blown foil flames, but current trending options include nature-inspired patterns and negative space art. According to Jooyeon Song, CEO of ManiMe, there's particular interest in bold art presented on a subtle background, while Devon Nurre, nail art educator at Maniology has noticed an interest in stickers featuring crystals, stars, and florals. And with summer right around the corner, Nurre also predicts that tropical-inspired nails in hues of green and pink will rise in popularity.

Once you've decided on a design, it's time to get sticking, and experts advise you'll want to prep your nails before beginning.

Start With A Clean Base

Although you can place stickers on top of previously applied gel or polish, Song said it's best to begin with a clean nail. As she noted, you should thoroughly wash your nails with soap and water. For those that are applying stickers after recently removing gel or acrylic nails, Song said to first apply a layer of base coat.

Apply The Nail Stickers

Most nail stickers require only a peel and stick application, Nurre noted. However, you do want to be careful with removal of the sticker and with the application, ensuring that your design is properly aligned.

Additionally, when it comes to where the sticker should be applied on the nail, Song said to "leave a tiny gap between your cuticle and the mani."

Clean Up Excess Art

Once the sticker is applied, you may notice excess artwork spilling out over the top and side. While the extra sticker is normal, you can use a nail file to remove it. "Hold [the file] vertically and file downward only," Song said. "Avoid angling the file toward mani. If you have short nails, we recommend using nail clippers instead of the file to simply trim the excess." Once you've achieved the desired look, Song suggested applying a top coat to seal the work in place. And with that, you're officially ready to snap a photograph of your new nails for Instagram.

Below, browse some of the best nail art stickers that will change up the look of your mani in minutes.

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