Olive & June's Latest Collection Wants to Take You on a Dream Vacation

Soft pink sands and tropical vibes, right this way.

The first part of the year always seems brutal due to the freezing cold temperatures of winter, which makes us wish we could suddenly be in a much warmer climate. Although most might not have the means to drop everything and hit the Caribbean right this second (and we're still in the middle of a pandemic), beauty brand Olive & June's spring 2021 collection can make you feel like you've just landed on a tropical island.

The nail company's latest collection, titled Wish You Were Here, is all about those warm and sunny vibes to help bring the feel of warmer days from the comfort of your home. "It’s all about a daydream vacation," founder & CEO, Sarah Gibson Tuttle shared with NYLON over Zoom. "We're all daydreaming of vacations, so we asked, 'What colors can make you feel like you’re on a vacation?'"

The spring collection features six new colors that are inspired by some of Olive & June's most beloved shades, as well as elements from favorite tropical islands: 'angelfish,' 'pink sands,' 'cockatoo,' 'hibiscus,' 'wild orchid,' and 'lava.' In addition to the new shades, the brand released a set of nail stickers inspired by the spring collection that feature cute, cheeky designs of cockatoos, tropical fish, and flora.

Courtesy of Olive & June

Always going back to what the Olive & June community wants most, the first three shades are updated versions of the brand's first collection of new neutrals. The shade 'angelfish' is a pale blue with just a touch of sea and sky to give it a bit more of a greenish effect compared to its sister shade, 'BP.' 'Pink sands' and 'cockatoo' have a bit more pink and lavender in their hues next to their sister shades of 'GH' and 'TT,' respectively.

Stepping a bit outside of the box of typical pastel spring colors, the latter three shades are all about being bold for spring. "Let’s just start summer early— let’s start the party early," Gibson said about wanting to rush to the warmer days further ahead. "These [three shades] of the collection is really about being bold for spring, you don’t have to wait for summer to really wear color. [The shade] 'lava' is what really drove the collection." Described as a "fiery orange red," the shade is the brand's version of an orangey-coral. "We were just feeling for an island tropical vacation, and a coral pedicure just screams that," said Gibson. If that isn't for you, shades 'hibiscus' and 'wild orchid' offer pink and purple hues.

As always, the new collection can be purchased in a Mani System that features a limited-edition box, pouch, and peach colored Poppy, the brand's unique polish handle to help with easier application, all for $80. If you already have a Mani System, you can purchase the shades in The Spring Set for $56, or each shade individually for $8. You can now purchase Olive & June's Wish You Were Here Spring Collection at Take a closer look at the latest Spring Box and polish shades below.

Courtesy of Olive & June
Courtesy of Olive & June